Farm mountains of gold for reputation items

Our first spot is the Terokkar forest, where we will farm the Basilisk’s Eyes and Dreadfang Venom Sacs. Yellow lines indicate the places where you can find basilisks and white lines indicate where you can find spiders. These items are needed If you chose Aldorians or Scryers but for some reason you want to change your choice, then you will have to use the repeatable quest for many times, where you’ll have to give away those items. Price for this items is very high but unfortunately the demand for them is not stable. I recommend to farm some small amount of about 1.000 and slowly sell them. 

The following two items are Arcane Tome and Sunfury Signet. These two items are needed to improve the reputation with Scryers. There will be a huge demand for them. Now I’ll show you the best spots to farm these items. Fabrics and Green-rare staff are also drop on these spots. First spot is on your screen. This is Shadowmoon Valley. Second spot, which is packed with blood elves, is the Terokkar forest. The next location is Netherstorm and here we have 4 manaforges where we can find an incredible amount of blood elves. These four sports were the best in the original BC. 

The next two items are Fel Armament and Mark of Sargeras. These items by analogy with the Scryers increases the reputation with the Aldorians. When farming these items you will also get a large amount of fabrics and green-rare things. And the first three spots are located in the Netherstorm.  Blade’s Edge Mountains will be a good alternative. Places marked in red means Flying Mount is required.  Nagrand is my favorite place for farming these things. Red marked areas are where Flying Mount is required, be careful there are also a lot of elite mobs. And the last spot is located in the Shadowmoon Valley. If all the previous ones are occupied this one can be a great alternative. 

The next item is a Pair of Ivory Tusks they are needed for improving reputation in The Consortium. Tusks can be found only in Nagrand, there’s no exact spot here, so just run and kill all the elephants. This is a great place for farming to combine it with skinning. These crystals are also farmed only in Nagrand, they are also improving reputation with The Consortium. They sells very well and are easy to farm, just like tusks. But there is always a lot of competition in these spots.

The following item is Glowcap. This is an item improving reputation and also it is used as a currency in Sporeggar. This item doesn’t drop from mobs, it can be farmed from mushrooms, something similar to collecting herbs. Can be farmed at the specified points in Zangarmarsh. Next spots are in Zangarmarsh and Sporeggar again. Unidentified Plant Parts and Fertile Spores can be found there. Farming can be combined with the skinning.

Next item is Arakkoa Feather. It is needed to improve reputation with the Lower City.

The place that marked red – Flying Mount needed.

Express Guide to Goldpharm Fishing

Fishing is the most profitable secondary professions and earnings with it can be compared even with some other more serious farms on the spots. So it will be interesting, let’s get started. 

The first thing we need is a character with 300 levels of fishing, when We fly to Zangarmarsh, from this NPC we buy a book that allows us to upgrade fishing for 375, up to the maximum level in BC, a fishing rod for at least +5 skill and bait for at least 75 skill.

We will improve skill only in Zangarmarsh, the spots are shown on your screen.

I want to highlight an interesting item that can be caught here from Salvage Wreckages, it drops a Weather-Beaten Journal that allows you to find shoals of fish like tracking herbs and ores. 

Firstly we will cover a Furious Crawdad, from which you can make Spicy Crawdad, which giving us 30 stamina and 20 spirit. It can be catched in Terokkar forest, at the bottom point, to get there you’ll need a Flying Mount. To throw a fishing rod you’ll need a 400 skill, to catch a fish with a hundred percent chance you’ll need a 500 skill, that can be achieved with buffs from baits, and now we can catch this wonderful Crawdad. Also together with this Crawdad we can get Motes of Water and a Golden Darter. There’s a small chance of a drop of unique item, like a toy, Mr. Pinchy, as well as a pet, also this same Crawdad.

Golden Darter is also quite expensive fish, also you can make Golden Fish Sticks from it that give a buff to healing, so it’s suitable food for healers. It can be caught in the Terokkar forest, as it is shown on the screen, for catching it you need a little less skill, 355 to throw a fishing rod, 450 to 100% catch it.

The next fish is Icefin Bluefish, from it you can make a Poached Bluefish which gives 23spd, best fish for all casters. Can be caught in Nagrand, spots are shown on the map and at some points the required skill is different, approximately 380 to throw and 475 to catch. 

The most difficult thing in fishing is to find a place where you will not have a lot of competitors and, if you’re playing on the PVP server, that you don’t get attacked every 5 minutes. I recommend trying different spots. Let it be a couple of golds cheaper but you will be steadily farming. 

Here you can catch Figluster’s Mudfish, along with the previous fish, you can made Grilled Mudfish from it that increases Agility. It is also a very popular food. 

Now let’s cover the most interesting part, farming of motes of water, from which the primal water is made. The spots displayed on the map and is slightly different from the previous, can be catched only from the holes, minimum skill is 380, maximum – 475. If talking about numbers, then without competition on these spots you will have about 200 motes of water or 20 of the primal water. 15-25 gold for one piece will be at the start of the game, it turns out 300-500 gold per hour.

The last thing I want to highlight is a fishing daily quest. It can be done once a day, reward for it is this bag and in this bag there can be quite expensive things for sale at auction. Expensive means rare.

Gold farming on mining professionals

First on the list we will have skinning, knothide leather is the main skin in this addon, it can be extracted when you skin any animal. Usually, I do not purposefully farm this skin, because it can be gained enough when farming other skin. But if you want to farm it, then this is the best spot. Kill Talbuks and skin them. 

And next skin is Cobra Scales, it is actively used in leatherworking, this spot is also located in Nagrand.

The next skin is Clefthoof hide, in Nagrand. There are a lot of Clefthoofs in Nagrand, this is the best place to farm this skin. The next spot is two-for-one, here you can farm Fel Scales and Crystal Infused Leather. These two reagents are sold slowly at auction so I recommend that you farm this spot for not very long, one-two hours. This spot is in Zangartop, be careful, don’t fall off. Another spot two-for-one, you can farm Nether Dragonscales and Wind Scales. As on a previous spot, the demand on these reagents is not very high, but there’s a large profit. Farm this spot for one-two hours. Kill the Nether Dragons and Scalewing Serpent. Spot is in Blade’s Edge Mountains. 

Now let’s cover herbalism. Fel Lotus and FelWeed can be farmed on the Hellfire Peninsula. Fly on this route, where marked blue – requires a Flying Mount. In Zangartop you can farm Dreaming Glory, Flame Cap, Fel Lotus and FelWeed. I really like to farm here, but comfortable farming requires Flying Mount. Terokkar forest is also a great spot for farming herbs, blue marks indicate the places where you need Flying Mount, list of herbs that can be farmed are shown on the map. All the same now in Nagrand. Look and memorize. Next location is Blade’s Edge Mountains, here without a Flying Mount farming is impossible. My most favorite location for farming is Netherstorm. This herb will be very expensive at the start. And the last location for the herb farming is Shadowmoon Valley. 

Now let’s move to mining. In Nagrand there are all three types of ore that exist: Khorium,  Adamantite and Fel Iron. Great location for mining. If in Nagrand you’ll face a great competition, the best alternative location will be a Netherstorm. You can’t farm Fel Iron here, only Adamantite and Khorium. If you want to only farm Fel Iron the best location for this is the Hellfire Peninsula. Here everything is in great abundance.