Torghast tower boost

The Shadowlands expansion has presented its players with ample opportunity for character development. The challenges are becoming harder and harder, therefore, it would be wise to buy Torghast boost services in WoW Shadowlands at Legacy Boost and be certain that your character is in good hands.

Once you’ve reached the 60th level and chosen your covenant, you will have access to the questline in the Maw. That’s where the Tower of the Damned lays. There you will find a portal to the infamous tower. You are not required to have any specific gear to access boss kill in Tower of the Damned raid - just go through the portal.

Boss kill in Torghast

You can go on a quest alone or take a company of up to five people. This tower is pretty much an incessant instanced endgame. There is an infinite number of floors, the difficulty is increased with each floor you climb. Plus, there are boss encounters every 6th floor and they are hard to tackle.

Why bother, when you can easily get help and buy Torghast boss kill from us? If you already have access to the particular floor where the boss resides - we will go there and deal with it. If not - we will go through the tower from scratch and kill the boss you’ve chosen. 

What do i get?

Tower of the Damned Shadowlands boosting service includes:

  1. Ingredients required for crafting legendary items (e.g. the Helm of Domination or Frostmourne).
  2. Soul Ash - the source of magical power that serves as currency and is used at the Runecarver’s chamber inside the tower.
  3. Occasional loot and drop that come from killing mobs and bosses.
  4. An unforgettable experience if playing in a self-play mode.
  5. Lots of free time if you’ve ordered piloting - we do the job, you relax.

Buy Tower of the Damned boss kill to watch a team of expert players murder gather resources, experience and loot for you character in a matter of hours. Your account is protected by a VPN (IP is unique, no one else has access to it) and we provide round-the-clock support. For more details - contact us via Skype or discord.