Shadowlands Starting Package


The Shadowlands expansion is out, so you’d better come prepared. Choose one of the holistic packages we are offering in order to get your character ready for the PvP battle season, arena fight, Castle Nathria and Torghast Tower raids or learn a profession. We will provide an exhaustive Shadowlands progression boost for your character so that you stay in the top gear of the game. There are four game boosting service packages we are offering.

Exclusive starting package

  • Leveling your character from any lvl all the way up (60 lvl).
  • Any faction is eligible.
  • Learning two professions of your choice.
  • Pre-raid gear farming from Mythic Plus Dungeon boost on basic difficulty. 
  • Our boosters do not use any forbidden software or engage in boosting activities that might cause suspicion. 
  • VPN is used throughout the entire boosting experience to make sure you do not get banned and to prevent data-leaks. 
  • At your request, we can also stream the process to any of the available platforms or make screenshots. 
  • You also get full gear of the Castle Nathria Raid at Mythic difficulty.
  • There will be lots of achievements for your character as a side bonus of boosting and farming.
  • You will get all sorts of items: pets, mounts, toys, etc. 
  • Your account will be prioritized so you will be the first to receive help and support.

This boosting service is only available as piloting (you give us access to your account, and our boosters do the job smoothly and fast).

Big starting package

  • We boost your char all the way up (60 lvl).
  • The service is availing for any faction.
  • You choose two professions and we learn them for you.
  • You get the pre-raid farm from the Mythic Dungeon. 
  • We complete the Castle Nathria Full Gear raid carry at normal or heroic difficulty levels (the price is different for each mode). 
  • As we do the job, your character will get all manner of achievements and items (mounts, gear, loot, etc.).
  • We can also stream or make screenshots of the Shadowlands powerleveling at your request.
  • ETA..It will take us from 4 to 6 weeks to complete the job depending on how quickly the required items will drop in the raid. We will try to speed up the farming process. For the dungeons, it might take us from 1 to 2 weeks based on the same logic.

This boosting service is only available as piloting. As we boost, your account is protected by a customizable VPN with a unique IP.

Medium starting package

  • Shadowlands leveling up to lvl 60.
  • All factions may participate. 
  • Two professions you pick are going to be learned.
  • Mythic Plus Dungeon on basic difficulty for pre-raid farming.
  • You get achievements, mounts and all manner of items as we deliver the boosting service. 
  • ETA - 1-2 weeks based on how fast the required items will drop.

Small starting package

  • Taking your character all the way up to lvl 60.
  • Any faction may use the service.
  • Two professions of your choice available for boosting.
  • Farming 185 ilvl (heroic dungeons gear).
  • Achievements, rare items and mounts along the way.
  • ETA: up to 1 week based on how fast we obtain the required items from drop.

The boosting service is done as piloting.

Our boosters will use a customizable VPN for each of the packages we are offering. Your account will be securely protected from data leaks and bans. For more details - reach out to us via Skype or discord. We will be glad to help.