Sire Denathrius Kill – Normal, Heroic & Mythic

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Sire Denathrius - Normal Kill

The Castle Nathria Raid is full of monsters, underworld creatures and bosses. There are a total of 10 there. Sire Danathrius is very last and most ruthless, but achievements you get are totally worth it. A team of skilled players will accompany you on this journey. You will get a chance to observe how we end Sire’s life and learn some tricks.

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Sire Denathrius - Heroic Kill

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Sire Denathrius - Mythic Kill

This difficulty level requires exceptional expertise and practical skill. That’s exactly what we have. Our players are devoted gamers with playing experience spanning no less than five years. There are two options you can go for:

  • Self-play. In this case, the only thing you need to do is join us in self-play mode and enjoy the experience.
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