Glory of the Nathria Raider

The Shadowlands will please game enthusiasts with its upscaled quest - the Glory of the Nathria Raider. It is a difficult one as it requires a well-coordinated work of a team of players and a rather nuanced strategy of tackling each boss in order to speed up the process. This game is definitely worth the candles, as you get to win a fancy fly mount - Rampart Screecher.

Glory of the Nathria Raider boost in Shadowlands will get you:

  1. Tons of loot and achievements points.
  2. An exceptionally fancy and rare fly mount (Rampart Screecher).
  3. An unforgettable experience playing one of the best games in the world.


  1. Your character should be no lower than 60 level.
  2. A fresh cooldown from any previous raids.
  3. No additional gear is needed.

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Note and recommendations

If you opt for self-play, make sure to strike all bosses. This is the only thing you will be required to do, though not doing this might compromise your chances of getting the loot and achievements you’ve been looking for.

Piloting mode will require you sharing your account with our players. Thus, you will have to give us your login and password. Rest assured, your data is going to be safe and handled with caution. No additional information like secret questions for your account is needed. Beware of those parties that demand that you provide such data.