Castle Nathria Single boss kill

There are cases where you might not want to go the distance and kill every boss along the way. Surviving the entire raid is hard and time-consuming. Plus, you might not need that for your current game strategy. Castle Nathria Mythic single boss kill is an ideal option for such circumstances. Choose who you need to assassinate and we’re already on it.

How do we go about it?

  1. You place and order and a member of our team contacts you via Skype or discord.
  2. Together you clarify and adjust the details and receive the schedule (estimated time frames, etc.).
  3. Reap the harvest of the most amazing loot and gear that has dropped from the chosen bosses. There’s also a possibility of transfer of the required loot from other players.

Notes and recommendations

If you opt for self-play, you will get invited to a raid together with a team of select expert players. You don’t need to do anything, but don’t forget to hit each boss at least one time, otherwise you might not get the loot you came for.

In case you go for piloting, you will have to provide us with your account details (login and password). Rest assured, the safety is guaranteed. Our players will handle your personal data with caution and discreteness.

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