Castle Nathria Normal Loot Run

If you’re running out of time, but you need to get the job done - purchasing Nathria Castle normal loot run is an amazing option to resolve this issue. Our team of well-qualified boosters will finish the tedious raid in no time. Together we'll equip your character with the best loot, highest achievements, while you get an unforgettable gaming experience.

Although, if you’re willing to fight your way through the dingy dungeons of Nathria that are teeming with monsters and all manner of hideous creatures, all by yourself, don’t forget to switch the self-play mode on.

What will you get?

  1. Achievements for killing bosses (normal mode).
  2. Gather gear (normal level).
  3. A once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience and time well-spent.

Nathria Castle Normal Loot Run: features

  1. Speed. The task won’t take more than a day.
  2. Proficiency. Our players are selected based on their experience and expertise. On top of that, they undergo a trial period.
  3. Safety. We guarantee non-disclosure of any personal data we get from you. We also use VPN set to your location not to cause any suspicion and protect your account.

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  • 60 level character;
  • a fresh cooldown from the previous week.

It is essential to strike each both on the quest at least a single time while in self-play. Otherwise, you might not get the loot you’ve been looking for. Other than that. you can do nothing and just observe what’s happening.