Castle Nathria Mythic Loot Run


Buy Nathria Mythic loot run to save your time, but get all of the advantages of completing a difficult task. A professional team of highly skilled players will help you get a hold of powerful loot, gold and resources for future crafting. We can also assist with achievements by killing 10 out of 10 bosses present at the spot. Plus, we’re gonna do the job really fast - it won’t take more than 7 hours of play.

What does Castle Nathria include?

  1. We kill 10 out of 10 bosses at a mythic difficulty mode.
  2. You get a list of items that are guaranteed to drop.
  3. Special achievements for dealing with every boss.
  4. We can help you get a title (like “Sinbreaker” and others) for defeating  a particular boss on a mythic difficulty level.

Here at Legacy Boost, we provide the most efficient WoW Castle Nathria Mythic boost on the market. To achieve this, we work exceptionally with the top-ranking raiding guilds that are able to organize well and guarantee results. On top of that, we are hell-bent on keeping your account safe. Thus, we never disclose any personal information you’re sharing with us and always use customizable VPN services to protect the signal and make sure that no one else is using this IP-address.


To be qualified to go for a Mythic loot run or achievements crusade, your character will have to meet a number of requirement:

  • 60 level;
  • a previous Castle Nathria raid cooldown (needs to be fresh);

Just a reminder: when in self-play, don’t forget to hit each and every boss. Without it, loot might not be up for grabs.