Castle Nathria Full Gear boost

Nathria Castle full gear boost is the ultimate way to upgrade your character and stay relevant in the gaming world. Here at Legacy Boost, we will readily help you avail yourself of every opportunity in no time at all. Pick your level of difficulty and we’re on it.

You will get:

  1. 10 bosses killed and corresponding achievements.
  2. A Feat of Strength (for those going for heroic and mythic levels).
  3. A comprehensive set of gear based on the difficulty level you pick.


  • Your character should be no less than 60 level.
  • You’ll need a fresh raid cooldown.

Our advantages

  1. Diligent work. We will persevere, taking your character down the dungeons of Nathria every week, until you finally get all the possible loot for each and every slot.
  2. Online support. Our players will stay in touch 24/7. Communication is key for a good result, so if any questions arise - you are free to contact us any time.
  3. Safety. Not only will we equip your character with the most relevant game gear, but we will also provide non-disclosure of personal data and risk-free boosting (your account is not going to be banned or suspended).

Note, that all our players go through a series of rigorous selection rounds. Subsequently, they undergo a trial period during which our superintendents watch them play to make sure they know what they're doing and can deliver guaranteed results.

If you’re ready to get your Nathria Castle full gear boost - contact us via Skype or discord. We are here for you around the clock.