Are you ready to take on the very first raid of the Shadowlands expansion, but there’s just not enough time in a day? Buy Castle Nathria raid carry here at Legacy Boost, and a team of well-qualified players will face the challenge for or together with you.

The action will take place in Revendroth. Along the road, you will encounter 10 bosses crowned with the savage Sire Denathrius, the ruthless King of Venthyr. This Castle Nathria Shadowlands raid is styled in a classic gothic vein, heavily influenced by the legendary Dracula’s residency. 

Our services include:

  1. Castle Nathria Mythic. We’ll get you through the dungeons at the highest difficulty level. Earn special achievements for killing every boss you come across along the way and get some epic and powerful gear for your character. 
  2. Castle Nathria Heroic. Requires a lot of skill and stamina, but we’ll help you with that. This difficulty mode will grant you some useful loot and an array of reasonably rare items. 
  3. Castle Nathria Normal Loot Run. If you want to complete the quest, but not willing to show off. It’s not the highest difficulty level, but it still is very fruitful in terms of drop and achievements.
  4. Single boss kill. If you need to destroy a particular boss – we can do that as well. Watch us conquer and fight while you are enjoying the fascinating experience of self-play.

Why Legacy Boost?

We will assign an expert player to work on your case. They will perform the job in a blink of an eye and stay in touch with you 24/7 in case you have any questions. There is nothing to worry about on your part.

Furthermore, we genuinely care about keeping your account at bay. Thus, we make sure our players use a VPN and handle your personal data with caution and vigilance.

We are offering an array of boosting services. If you want us to complete a WoW Shadowlands raid for you – contact us via Skype or discord. We are always here for you.

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