How many hours of practice do you need to invest to become a pro in WoW Shadowlands? The simple answer is – a lot. You need to play daily to hone your character’s skills, leveling up and buying the best gear to deal with quests. Here at Legacy-boost, we are offering you a helping hand – the most efficient Shadowlands boost, which is in essence assistance from professional players.

Which services do we offer in Shadowlands?

  • Castle Nathria. One of the most difficult, yet fruitful raids of the game. Our players will bend over backward to help you get the most mileage out of it. We will accompany you in facing the tedious challenge of killing bosses and helping you gather loot at any difficulty level.
  • Glory of the Nathria Raider. The most time-efficient way to gear your character up for future challenges of the Castle Nathria raid. Together we’ll do the job smoothly and provide 24/7 online chatroom support.
  • Mythic Loot Run. This service is the best way to prepare your character for the dangers of Castle Nathria. We will complete the dungeons and provide you with the highest reward items.
  • Torghast. The infamous Tower of the Damned, a prison for the most dishonorable and sinful souls. We’ll help you explore its dingy and gloomy halls and battle the minions of the Jailer to get to the next level.

These are the most popular boosting services for shadowlands World of Warcraft, yet we are offering an array of them. If you have any questions left or need clarification – just contact us via skype or discord.

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