Are you busy working your full-time job, but you still need those Honor points from WoW Shadowlands PvP? Expert players of Legacy Boost are here to save the day. Outsource the job to us and we will get you a desired rank in a series of honest combat and arena fights. Meanwhile, you are free to do your job and come home to a well-developed character.


Fighting other players will bring you all manner of points:

  • Honor points are awarded for killing another player of a higher or slightly lower level. Battles are held in a controlled environment (arenas, battlegrounds) or initiated by players randomly. You need skill and stamina to best equally trained opponents. Our players have been playing for over five years, therefore they know how to win in combat.
  • Arena points. This is a fighting tournament where you need to battle players of an opposing team. Winning earns you and your team members scores.

You might also win points for accidental PvP, which is in essence fighting another player you occasionally came across in the game world.

All of these conquest points can later be used to purchase World of Warcraft PvP gear (legendary items, epic armor and additional resources). Mind you, they are difficult to get. Thus, if you don’t have enough time – hand the job over to a team of professional players at Legacy Boost.

Contact us via Skype or discord for further details.

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