Mythic+ dungeon boost

Developing your character in a holistic way is hard and time-consuming. Proper gear and equipment are two factors that influence your success in the game most of all. Why waste precious time on such a dull activity? Outsource it to Legacy Boost.

Mythic Plus Dungeons Boost is an upscale and more sophisticated version of regular dungeons, therefore it is a quick way to upgrade your character’s gear and collect some extra loot. The higher level of complexity is - the more reward you ultimately achieve.

What will you get?

  1. A weekly chest with resources.
  2. Up to 5 pieces of gear (varies based on the level of difficulty you pick).
  3. Up to 5 pieces for making Focused Life Anima.

Why buy Mythic Plus Dungeons at Legacy Boost?

By choosing us you are choosing:

  • With Mythic Dungeon Boost (WoW), you’ll be guided by an expert player who will stay in touch 24/7 to answer any of those questions that might pop in your head. Communication is key when it comes to getting real results.
  • We’ve been boosting for over five years now, that is we apply the best tactics to get you through any of the gloomy Shadowlands dungeons.
  • We stay discreet so as not to cause any suspicions. VPN is always set for your actual location, personal data is handled with caution and vigilance. Working with us basically means that your account will not get banned.
  • You come here to save time, so we’re not gonna be stealing it from you by stalling. We want to satisfy you, therefore we do everything as fast as the situation suggests.


  • 60 level character is the only thing you need to participate.

Other than that, you are free to contact us via Skype or discord. If you’re not eligible for Mythic Plus Dungeons boost yet, we can also help you get there in no time.