Shadowlands Loremaster Achievement Boost


Loremaster Achievement boost is a perfect choice for those players who do not want to travel around the gaming world to complete required tasks, but still need to get it done for their character to remain competitive and receive a number of bonuses. This achievement chain was initially created to intensify the gaming experience for players, allowing you to plunge deeper into the universe and get acquainted with the environment on a more profound level.

What do I get?

  • Our boosters will complete all the required sub-tasks, including “The Path of Ascension”, “Blade of the Primus”, “Awaken in Ardenwald”, “The Master of Revendreth”, etc. 
  • Your character will come out of the experience with an achievement “Loremaster of Shadowlands”, additional gold and loot.
  • Besides, you will get 90 achievement points you can use to your advantage.

If you already have some of the required tasks completed, send us a message so that we can adjust the price of your Loremaster Achievement Boost accordingly. To participate, your character needs to be of level 50 and higher.

Why Legacy Boost?

  • We hire highly professional players with extensive experience playing not only World of Warcraft, but other online MMOG. Plus, they go through internal testing before they are allowed to work on actual cases.
  • We make sure to provide high-class security to your account. Once you’ve given us access to your account, you may rest assured that your personal data is safe and will not get leaked or transfered to third parties.
  • To accomodate your needs, we work out a boosting schedule. Our boosters will work at previously defined hours, leaving you a lot of free enough time to enjoy playing the game yourself.

There is no need for you to waste away hours of time on dull stuff, when you can simply outsource some boosting activity to a professional team and enjoy the more entertaining parts of the game. Buy game boosting service and stay on top of your game.