Shadowlands powerleveling

Developing your character all the way up involves hours of careful planning and strategizing, creating networks with other players in order to complete those quests that require a group. Sounds rather boring, doesn’t it? Spend your time in the game doing something fun while our professional players are giving your character the best Shadowlands leveling boost on the market.

What do you get?

  • A quick start. An expert player is assigned to your case as soon as you fill in the application form. After giving us access to your account, they’ll start leveling within approximately 30 minutes as they need time to set up VPN protection and log in.
  • Level 60. We’ve been in the business for more than five years, therefore we can guarantee results. Reaching a stated level is always included in our Shadowlands lvl We would keep going until you get what you came here for.
  • Honest hand work. We don’t use any cheats or bots to make our work seem extremely efficient. Our players boost your character up by means of dungeons and quests.
  • Loot and resources. You get to keep all the resources and loot that is dropped from killing beasts and bosses. Occasionally, quite a rare item might come up.

Advantages of Legacy Boost

Purchasing WoW Shadowlands leveling at Legacy Boost is, in essence, opting for quality, precision and security. There are a number of reasons we are good at what we do:

  1. Expert players. We never let novices work on your cases. To become a member of our team, all boosters have to go through rigorous selection followed by a trial period and additional pre-training. Such a meticulous approach allows us to deliver outstanding results and achieve high customer satisfaction levels.
  2. Safety. Your personal data is handled with care and caution. Accidental data leaks are impossible. We go even further and engage customizable VPN with a unique IP-address. All these measures are applied to prevent your account from being banned while we perform the WoW Shadowlands level boost.
  3. Speed. Boosting services are meant to be fast. We are not the one to stall. Our players will start working on your case the moment they get access to your account. You’ll be informed immediately after they’ve finished.
  4. 24/7 support. We stay in touch at every stage of the process. If you feel like you need to ask us a question - we are here for you even in the middle of the night.

If you are ready to buy Shadowlands level at Legacy Boost and get rid of all the boring things in the gaming process - contact us via Skype or discord. We’ll get back to you at a moment’s notice.