Most of newcommers sell every WoW item to vendor. It’s not a secret: gold collecting in vanilla is very unpleasant process. Similarly, less than half players got enough (90g) gold to buy mount by 40. Reading this topic helps to increase your bank.

Low level items (1-20) – never sell these for vendorprice!

  1. Small Egg – these drop from ~level 16 birds. Stack them up and sell on AH – this item is very valuable for cooking.
  2. Stringy Wolf Meats – loot them from ~10 lvl wolfs. Same as Small Eggs.
  3. Chunk of Boar Meats – from level 1 up to 14 boars. Actually, your first gold.
  4. Collect Linen and Wool Cloth. There are always shortage on these because of first aid in the beggining.
  5. Fishing – stack of fish needed for cooking cost 1g. Deviate fish normally cost 1g each.

Don’t leave starting zone (1-12) unless you obtain 4 bags. On other hand, you can just buy them from vendor. You should sell every GRAY item, otherwise, you lose more because your bags was full.

I’m not going to describe impact of professions to your wallet, but you really need to consider leveling twink to 35. It allows you to skill profession higher than 225, which leads to extra gold. For instance, an alchemist have approximately 100 gold per month just by doing arcanite transmutes.

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Items you should bank across whole parts of Azeroth

  1. Elemental Earth, Elemental Fire – these badboys provided me with 500gold by 41 level on Northdale. Their price depends on current content phase, but 5g is the least you should sell them.
    Elemental Water is also gonna make you fortune, but to Naxxramas release. So focus on first 2.
  2. Essence of Earth, Water, Fire, Air. The same as 1, but they drop mostly from high end content mobs.
  3. Larval Acid in Eastern Plaguelands.

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You need to collect 1gold 6 silver(or any other amount for different recipes) on main char as fast as possible and run to Winterspring and buy recipe from merchant. And repeat this process every ~2h (depends on cd). Don’t try to focus Arcanite Transmute, you will be competing other top readers for sure.

Or just buy boosting service and don’t care about these stuff.

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