In WOW Classic Zul’Gurub guide is quite demanded because it offers good equipment, gold and enchantments. Moreover, to enter this raid you don’t need to complete any quests. So, this part of PVE content can be very useful for your character. In this Zul’Gurub guide we’ll talk about the main features of the raid.

Zul’Gurub is a heroic raid for 20 people with 6 main bosses and few additional. The entrance to the raid is located in the northeastern part of Stranglethorn Vale. You can check it on the picture below.

Zul'Gurub entrance
Zul’Gurub entrance

The raid is not linear and allows you to immediately move straight to the bosses that the group needs. There are several NPCs at the entrance to the raid with quests and repair. All quests are daily, so you can go through them constantly. By the way, the raid cooldown is 72 hours. You can buy gold on Legacy Boost to be well-prepared for raid completion.

On the map below, you can see the location of the bosses and the approximate priority, although you can kill bosses in any convenient order.

Zul'Gurub bosses
Zul’Gurub bosses

Quests in Zul’Gurub

The story begins in Stranglethorn Vale. There you start several quests investigating Zandalar actions. All the quests are simple, quickly completed and allowing you to earn some gold. During them you will learn some information about what the Zandalar are going to do in Stranglethorn Vale.

The following quests:

  • The Horde – The Zandalari Menace.
  • The Alliance – The Zandalar Representative.

Completing the quests is not necessary in order to enter the raid. Whether to do it or not is up to you.

Quests in Zul’Gurub are aimed at killing bosses, collecting various artifacts and passing content. You can see the list of tasks below:

• The Beasts Within

• Secondary Targets

• Break Their Spirits

• Break the Godbreaker

• Booty Bay’s Interests

• Putting a Price on Priceless


Raid loot

The raid is an excellent source of good equipment, as well as a class set of armors. To get the kits, you need to collect special items from killing bosses and create armor from them. Kits themselves cannot be obtained as rewards for killing bosses. You need to complete tasks or have a high reputation with Zandalar to get it.

In order to get a set of equipment or a good reputation with Zandalar, you will need to go through a raid more than once.


Reputation Points

Zul’Gurub raid content allows you to earn reputation by the following ways:

• Passing the raid (will give you 2500-3000 reputation points);

• Completing the tasks at the Zandalar Tribe;

• Looting special items from killing bosses, which start new quests for gaining reputation;

• Collecting special coins that can be exchanged for a reputation.


Zul’Gurub Leg and Helmet Enchants 

Zul’Gurub content is not only about acquiring armor, but also about enchanting equipment. After reaching a certain level of reputation with Zandalar, you can get enchantments placed on the headgear and greaves. A list of spells is given below:



Throughout the raid, you will find special cauldrons that activate additional abilities which helps you to pass the content. These abilities can give an advantage in battle. There are three types of cauldrons: poisonous ones reduce the damage caused by nature’s magic, ice ones freeze enemy NPCs, fire ones damage you and the enemies around.


Zul’Gurub Raid Bosses

In the raid you will find six main bosses, five of them are regular and one final is Hakkar. The order of passage can be random, but you should first kill the five high priests, because each of them brings a positive effect on Hakkar. It is better to kill him last, because the battle will be easier then. If you don’t want to pass through the raid by yourself starting again defeat by defeat, we offer you raid boost service.


High Priest Venoxis

wow classic venoxis guide

To get to Venoxis, you must pass a poisonous bridge and a whole group of flying mobs. To make the battle a little easier, you can use the cauldron at the entrance to the raid. The cauldron is guarded by a mob and after its killing the cauldron becomes clickable. The cauldron effect significantly reduces incoming damage. The group needs to click on the cauldron, get a 30-second defense, run through the bridge, then deal with a pack of mobs and only after then prepare for the attack on priest.

Venoxis is surrounded by four guards helping him in battle. They can be easily neutralized by turning or hibernation, so as not to be distracted from the main goal. When fighting with Venoxis, you also need to move constantly around the map, since the boss scatters poisons with great periodic damage. 

In addition, it is important to kill the summoned mobs in time. Their damage can also change the advantage of the group and lead to loss. After the boss has 50% damage, he turns into a giant snake. Further, the specifics of the battle changes slightly.


High Priestess Jeklik

wow classic jeklik guide

At the beginning of the battle the priestess turns into a bat and calls for many bats. It is necessary to get rid of them in time, so it will be perfect to use AOE talents. After taking 50% of the damage the priestess takes on her normal appearance and begins to heal. If you do not want to start the killing again, then you should interrupt the priestess from reading healing spells.

To simplify the task, players can plan in advance and activate the interruption of healing spells in turn. At this time bats that drop fire vessels on the ground can interfere with activity. Watch the fall of blood vessels and move from place to place in time. 


High Priestess Mar’li

wow classic mar'li guide

The priestess is an aspect of the spider, but the battle begins from its ordinary appearance. Mar’li also calls for a whole group of opponents, which become stronger if not kill them.

Opponents can be taken under control and forced to attack the boss itself until they die. This will double the result by reducing the incoming damage from enemies for the entire group and increasing the damage dealt to the priestess.

Mar’li, just like Jeklik, will try to heal with the help of the abduction. Interrupting this spell will help effectively to deal with the boss.


High Priest Thekal

Next to the High Priest Thekal will be two other enemies – Zealot Lor’Khan and Zealot Zath. All three enemies must be killed with a slight difference of no more than 10 seconds. Sometimes groups of players prefer to break themselves into little parties, each of which deals damage to certain target. When enemies have 10% health left, players bring enemies together and use massive damage talents at the same time.

After the killing begins the second part of the battle, in which the high priest Thekal turns into a tiger and calls for additional enemies. For a convenient victory over the boss, it is necessary to kill the called group of tigers in time in order to reduce the damage dealed by other enemies.


High Priestess Arlokk

wow classic arlokk guide

To start the battle with the priestess, you must hit the gong located in the center of the hall. After this, the priestess abruptly enters the battle. In this case, the tank needs to quickly intercept the battle for itself so as not to harm other members of the group. As with the rest of the bosses, High Priestess Arlokk calls for additional enemies. They can be killed, but many players prefer to run from a pack of mobs until the high priestess disappears.

After the disappearance, the priestess calls for many panthers who attack one player with the Arlokk tag. The priestess herself also appears in the form of a panther and makes attacks in the area. At this time, players may be taken by surprise with the wrong tactics of warfare. You must avoid massive area attacks so that the group does not receive heavy damage and does not make healer’s job complicated. Otherwise, you can safely continue the battle with the priestess, avoiding the rest of the enemies until the priestess dies.


Hakkar, the Soulflayer

wow classic hakkar guide

The main boss can be found on the top of the altar in the center of the map. The boss will send aggression to different members of the group, forcing them to attack each other. Like all other bosses, Hakkar will call additional enemies in the form of winged kites.

Winged kites need to be killed. After killing them, the green cloud will appear. Staying in green clouds will help to survive from the poison emitted by the boss. This poison inflicts great damage to the group members and restores Hakkar’s health. If you are in a green cloud, you will not receive damage, and instead of healing, Hakkar will deal damage to himself.

Hakkar’s final ralent is another poison, which he imposes on a random member of the group and causes great damage. Healers need to be extremely careful not to lose players during the battlefield. After the poison disactivates, a negative effect is being imposed on the character.

Hakkar is difficult boss, but killing him offers you the largest loot in Zul’Gurub. Passing the main boss needs to have well-geared group and knowledge of the raid. Some groups spend several tries before killing the main boss. We can offer you hourly driving time service to let you safe several hours. You just give us the task to complete the raid, we work with for guilds and bring you the loot.


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