Classic Honor Farm

Do you want to become an honorable member of the gaming world? Would you like other players to see that you are a highly skilled player who has proven himself in combat? Then buy WoW classic Honor points boost here at Legacy Boost.

You can only get Honor points for killing high-level players in fights. They are typically very skilled at combat, dressed in epic gear and are overall difficult to deal with. That’s a bummer to overcome yourself.

What will you get?

  • We will farm tons of Honor points for your character (awarded for besting other players in battles).
  • The higher the player’s level, the more points you get. 
  • At your request, we might earn you an Honor rank. 

Legacy Boost is known for being the best powerleveling service on the market. Honor points are no exception to the rule. We will get you the desired rank and points in the shortest time possible. Our players will not rest until the mission is completed.