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Buy WOW Classic Molten Core Attunement Boost service

Getting access to one of the most epic raid is tough, but with WOW Classic Molten Core Attunement Boost service you can save your time and enjoy exciting raid gameplay.

Accomplishment the attunement requires a well-equipped team, knowledge of the dungeon and time, which not all players have. Therefore, you can buy an attunement for quick access to the WOW Classic Molten Core and we will complete this task for you.


Molten Core Raid

"In the Blackrock Depths lie the bowels of fire. Emperor Thaurissan brought into our world Ragnaros the Firelord. Although the Firelord can’t get away from the Molten Core, it is known that Dark Iron Dwarves are controlled by its spiritual minions, building up the troops right from the animate stone."

The Molten Core raid dungeon became the first WOW Classic raid in which you can collect a set of armors that gives bonuses (Tir 1). The raid is designed for 40 people and on its territory there are 9 bosses and a huge number of additional monsters. The entrance to the Molten Core raid is located at the end of the Blackrock Depth dungeon and you will have to pass it to enter the raid.

To complete the attunement you need to finish quest, issued by Lothos Riftwaker. This NPC stands in the Lower Blackrock Spire. First time you need to walk through the location, but after completing the quest “Attunements to the Core” you can teleport from this NPC immediately to the raid. It will save you a lot of time.


Why you need to buy Molten Core Attunement service

Doing the quest by yourself is exhausting and difficult. Well-equipped characters can do it faster, than those who has no good gear. You can make several tries and have a chance not to get the result. Therefore, buying Molten Core attunement boost can help you save your personal time and do some activities in the evening. On the one hand, good achievements in the game can be taken only by investing lots of time.  On the other hand, you can spend a little money and boost your character.

MC Raid requires character level 60. If you are not already level 60, we can offer you powerleveling service.


Buying Molten Core Raid attunement you will receive

  • Completed chain of quests to enter the raid;
  • Access to the quick entrance to Molten Core;
  • All gold, gear and other loot dropped during service performance.


More about buying BWL Raid attunement

  • We work with characters both from Horde and Alliance.
  • All our boosters are well tested and prepared to quick pass the attunement.
  • Our boost does not include using any bots or soft. As a result, you get safe service.
  • To complete our perform we use VPN to safe your account. We use IP connected with your current location. It will be better for you not to enter the game 24 hours before and after our perform.
  • When performing this service, we can broadcast or take screenshots at different stages of boosting. If you want, it is possible.
  • The service of buying Molten Core raid attunement is available for Europe, America and United Arab Emirates.
  • To make perform we need access to your account.


How it works

To buy WOW Classic Molten Core Vanilla boost you simply need to add this service to the shopping cart and proceed the payment. We will ask you some additional information about your name, address, faction, class, character name, server and Skype/Discord account. After proceeding the payment we’ll contact you to explain the further steps.

We will ask login and password to your account to drive the character. It has no risk, because you still remain the email and the answer to the security question. Any time you are afraid of any trouble with your account you can change the password. By the way, there is no need to be afraid, because we provide boost services for 4 years and have enough good reviews from clients.