We would be happy to boost your characters up to level 60 in fastest time possible: average time from first to max lvl is 20 days.

All items, materials, ingredients and gold will be saved.

Only necessary abilities, skills.

No extra payments.

100% guarantee.


Powerleveling in vanilla WoW for cheap price

Legacy-boost provides powerleveling service on US and EU servers of World of Warcraft. In WoW Classic level boost is long and boring process of farming and doing typical quests. We want you to save your time, because most of us have experience doing these quests. Buy WoW 1-60 power leveling and save around 240 hours of your life. We respect every hardcore player, but our cost is lower. Our team have huge vanilla experience coz our stage is 4 years in RMT business. Our WoW Classic powerleveling price for 1-60 is low because we know best and most efficient exp/h routes and mob spawn areas. Average time 20 calendar days. More than 200 level 60 chars in last 4 years. We do our best to avoid the ban, but no such service can give you a 100% guarantee, but we use VPN with closest biggest city to your IP and only manual method. We do not use any illegal soft or hacks or bots.

Various lvls range allow you to choose one which fits you. If you want some extra options, such as attunements or profession boost – just tell that. During the process of boosting to lvl 60 we save all valuable items and gold on char. But still, vanilla WoW level boosting can be serviced while you sleep. Our boosters – pro players from top guilds – live around the world in different time zones.

We provide opportunity to record stream or post video on youtube. While piloting char carry about him as it were ours. We do not encourage into conversations with strangers or guilds during lvl boost.

Buy 1-60 WoW Classic powerlevel service and get discount for other boost services.