WoW Classic gold buying – the most popular service

In vanilla WoW gold is the best measurement of success. However, back in 2005 only after months of farming World of Warcraft gold people could afford an epic mount. As result, less than half of 60 levels had epic mounts – their price in vanilla is 900 g. Legacy boost works since 2015 on private servers with x1 rate (“blizzlike”) so we know how to farm it and most importantly, you can buy wow classic gold safely without any risk getting ban. We don’t use any exploits or hacks, there are no chance to get flag for RMT (real money trade). We worry about your accounts – because we want you to return back.
Most of our buyers are current raiders in hardcore guilds and they prepare to every single raid. It means they have to pop ~2 flasks during raid and lots of other consumables: -300g.

On other hand, you don’t need to be hardcore PVE player. But, if you want to win enemies in PVP scene, you also need to spend big amounts. Goblin Sapper Charges, bombs and other engineering staff – are necessary not just at battle grounds.

If you have any questions about making purchase – contact us by skype, discord or use live chat. As soon as you make purchase, our manager contacts you and gold will be delivered within 24h – otherwise we refund you without any questions.

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