Classic Powerleveling | Season of Mastery

We would be happy to boost your characters up to level 60 in the fastest time possible: average time from first to max lvl is 20 days.

All items, materials, ingredients, and gold will be saved.

Only the necessary abilities, skills.

No extra payments.

100% guarantee.

Season of Mastery


WOW Classic Powerleveling boost services

WOW Classic Powerleveling boost offers you quick access to the high-level PVE and PVP content. Save your time with Legacy Boost.

WOW Classic is full of complicated problems for players, such as boring start, lack of talents, unmounted moving, etc. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can buy Vanilla WOW power leveling boosting service and feel relax while we boost your character. On Legacy

Boost there is a variety of options you can select and enjoy your daily occupation while we are working.

Do you still remember how cruelly it was to get 1-60 in WOW? For an average player, it could take more than a month to start real PVP playing and epic Raids. Today this sounds horrible. More and more players are tired of doing similar quests, walking through the same locations, farm gold on low levels, and repeat the same boring activities. If you want to fight Raid bosses, take part in battlegrounds, or single PVP, then there is no need to waste hundreds of time. Have you ever thought about how much time you can save buying this well-known service? WOW Classic Powerleveling boost is available for years and develops all the time. Buy 1-60 Classic leveling boost Vanilla Carry and enjoy high lvl gameplay.

We made a special service for you to skip leveling by yourself safe, fast, and professionally. Moreover, there you can buy not only a specific range of levels but also hourly playing time to boost your character. Our WOW Classic powerleveling price is obtainable for an average player, so enjoy.

Buying a WoW Classic Level Boost, you will receive:

  • Boosted character to a specified level
  • Gold, equipment, drop and other items gained during our work
  • Flight points dedicated to your character, level, and locations.
  • Mount boosting and rider level (by ordering this service)
  • About 240 hours spent on common life instead of boring leveling

Our Vanilla WOW level boosting Service

Legacy Boost team has 4 years’ experience in WOW Classic powerleveling boost performing. We know all the most efficient routes and mob spawn areas to boost your chars as fast as possible. Using VPN helps us to avoid ban. Before start, we set up closest to your place IP settings manually. We do the best to provide safe service. However, nobody is protected from any unexpected issues.

The average time of 1-60 leveling boost in WOW Classic takes about 20 days. The time can differ due to specifics of personal wishes. We provide opportunity to record stream or post video on Youtube. While piloting char we carry about him as it were ours. We do not encourage conversations with strangers or guilds during level boost. If you have any certain questions, leave them in our chat, so we can ensure you in safety service.

How to buy Powerleveling Service

Please contact us before payment for additional information.

Choose your desired level range, then fill in the billing details and pay via PayPal. We need to collect your information about a character, faction, class, and playing server. Fill in your Skype or Discord login for further discussion.

After making the payment, we’ll contact you in the nearest time.