Profession boost


WOW Classic Profession Boost service

Besides the main game content like leveling, equipment, raids and dungeons, there is an extremely need in WOW Classic profession boost. Professions allow you to make additional items that will be extremely helpful in any battles or during getting achievements. Moreover, professions help you to gain gold, which is difficult for beginner players. You can trade different items besides looting gold from kills.


Profession leveling service

On Legacy Boost you can buy a profession boosting service in WOW Classic. There are two different types of professions - primary and secondary. The main ones, in turn, are divided into craft and collective. At the same time you can have two primary and all secondary. The primary professions are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, and Tailoring. Additional professions can be boosted selectively or not boosted at all. They include Cooking, Fishing and First Aid.

We highly recommend boosting not only primary, but also secondary professions, as they can be combined. For instance, with the help of first aid you can create bandages (to restore health during the battle), or with the help of cooking you can create food that will give you positive effects. Usually, fishing is boosted with cooking, because recipes consists of many dishes of fish and seafood.


Why WOW Classic profession boost is so important

This activity is one of the most boring activities in WOW Classic. You do not participate in epic battles, do not show your talents or earn honor in battles with opponents of another faction. Boosting professions involves a long and exhausting process of searching or buying various components, creating items and studying different information. However, the resulting items can be useful in passing PVP and PVE content. Moreover, with the help of professions you can gain extra gold.

We understand that boosting so many professions in WOW Classic is very difficult, long and expensive. That is why we have created a service for you, where you can buy profession boosting in Vanilla Classic quickly and with an affordable price. You can choose one or several, or all professions at once, and we will upgrade them to the maximum level 300.


How we provide WOW Classic profession boost service

  • The time required for boosting depends on the levels you have chosen.
  • Our boosters have extensive experience in boosting all types of professions, so you will get the result quickly.
  • We need direct access to your account to offer the service.
  • Before accessing your account for the first time we use VPN with the closest to your location IP to provide security. No use of bots or software.
  • The service is available for characters of both factions.
  • We can broadcast our activity with your character to provide safety for your account.


How to make an order?

Choose your desired profession and level. You can order a full leveling up to the maximum level as well as individual groups (1-75, 75-150, 150-225, 225-300). We also provide a service of double boosting (Leatherworking + Skinning etc.). After choosing you need add the service to the shopping cart and fill in all the necessary information to complete the payment. After a successful purchase, we will contact you as soon as possible and discuss all further details.