Vanilla WoW boost gives you opportunity to save huge amount of time for reasonable cost. For instance, level 60 is a matter of ~10 days /played. Another example is rank 14. In short, you need to spend ~3 months to get highest PVP title.  How much time you used to max AV reputation? We carry your toon as it was ours.

Depends on service, WoW Classic boost cost different price. Our WoW Classic boosting services provided by MVP’s from top guilds. Best leveling routes, top exp/h grinding spots. We don’t have slacker boosters in our team. Furthermore, we save all valuable items and materials during process. First of all, we don’t want to risk your char. Due to, we use VPN that’s why we request biggest city around your location. Our team don’t use any bots even while we skill fishing. On request, we can stream or post video on youtube. Just contact us and get more info.

We have 4 years of RMT experience – since Nostalrius – so we know how to act without risk getting ban. Moreover, we use our own techniques during process. More than two hunder toons been boosted to 60. If you need Grand Marshal or High Warlord title – we work with premades because of that.

You can buy WoW Classic char boost service and choose self play method – both on US and EU servers – for same price! So if you need to boost your vanilla WoW char by assisting with geared guy – we provide this opportunity.

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