Rank boost PVP


Buy WoW Classic rank boost – get your r14 bis PVP items.

Vanilla ranking is not the same as legendary world PVP in vanilla World of Warcraft.

Road to rank 14 is long and boring. Also it requires you to participate in premade.

Higher rank you buy – cheaper price you get.

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Buy rank boost in WoW Classic – the best way to get BiS PvP

Unless you don’t have a life – you won’t reach Grand Marshal / High Warlord title. On other hand, another option – you offer rank boost service.
If you wanna get bis PVP items for your char ( and in some situations bis PVE ) – you came to the right place. We don’t use bots, only exceptional players from top guilds.

In short, vanilla rank 14 implies running bg’s in premade groups. All you have to do after paying price – wait few months. Total cost depends on time needed (server brackets). Moreover, you can keep playing on your char whenever you want – that’s why our boosters use VPN. We have players from different time zones, but your account won’t be flagged. We can guarantee it, because we have boosting experience from retail and private servers.

Do you want us to stream during rank boost? Just let us know. You don’t need to pay the full pvp service price – but at least 1 day should be paid in advance.

What benefits you get buying rank 14 boost besides title and shiny armor?

You can choose 1 of 4 mounts as soon as we provide 11 rank (Commander of Alliance or Horde Lieutenant General) for free. Yeah, epic black mount comes as bonus. Also you will get extra discount buying any WoW Classic services in our shop.

We will finish your order despite possible changes in PVP honor system (still not enough information about content involving). At the same time you can always contact us for any questions.

In conclusion, hit rank 14 with us and become true hero of your faction.


  • It is much easier to get honor points during battlegrounds, that’s why you should have level 60. Otherwise, check our powerleveling service.