Welcome to our WOW Classic Boost service category page. Did you come to powerlevel your char? Great, choose needed level range and check price. Want to specify your order? Sure, just contact us. Dozens of cheap gold, moreover you can acquire Ironfoe. Rhok’Delar demons bother you? In short, we provide everything.

WOW CLassic Boost services on Legacy boost glad supply players with in-game services, using safest methods in executing orders – 4 years on private scene allows us to say that we are professionals in RMT. Buy WoW Classic services to play at top level, because otherwise you should spend a lot of time collecting each gold and gearing your char.

We respect every player, who understands, that fun is should not be equal farm.

Power leveling is routine for our team members. In addition, all of us cleared classic raids plenty times. So having job as booster is a good option. This is one of reasons, why we gladly represent low price for boosting or other service. Likewise we check current market prices and keeping price lower.

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