Making investments in WoW Classic always keep in mind that you risk. Anytime you are engaging in a gold-making activity and investing your time or gold in World of Warcraft you are at a potential to not get the net result that you would like. In fact, you are potentially going to lose any investments that you make in WoW Classic. Even if its isn’t particularly likely but it is always a possibility. Do bear that in mind reading this guide.

So, lets talk about investments themselves. But first, let’s figure out how to reduce your risks in terms of your potential loss in your investments that you are making as well. Or, as potentially improving your net returns through an understanding of what you are actually doing when you make an investment. So, let’s dive in.

Investments in WoW Classic

The very first thing we need to discuss is what is an investment. Pretty sure that a lot of you aware of this so we are going to touch this pretty lightly. Essentially, an investment is where you put something in with a view to getting something else out. Now, what you put in could be gold, it could be your time, it could be some other form of in-game commodity. And you are hoping that by putting this in and expending what you have of your time or gold etc. that you are going to get something back out from it.

Now, a lot of people when it comes to WoW gold making think purely in terms of Gold. And this is a mistake! The fact that you can invest 20 gold and get 25 gold back is great. At the same time, that is just one small type of investment that people can make in WoW. Because if you think of things as only being gold for gold you are pretty much just going to making very linear investments that a lot of people can make which reduces the likelihood that you are going to get anything.

One other commodity that is often underrated is time. Now, time is something you can invest in lots of different ways as well. As also have time be returned to you as a commodity that you have either earned yourself. Or that you have saved yourself from having to use your in the future.

So, some examples of how people trade in time in WoW are things like purchasing a boost.

How investment works in WoW Classic reality

Let’s say, that you are roughly level 18 and you pay for 5 boosts of SFK. And these 5 boosts in to all take about maybe 25-30 minutes. Let’s say, if that is going to net you 3 hours worth of leveling then at a cost of 30 minutes and however much gold you pay to the person who is boosting you, we have got a net return of 3 hours worth of leveling saved from what you would have done alternatively.

Finally, the trick is that you have to assign values to your time and the time of the person who you are purchasing the time from in this case into a monetary value. As example, we have level 18 rogue with fiery enchants and some decent gear which cost us 50 gold. That sounds like a lot to invest at that level bracket for the sake of improving ours leveling speed. However, you consider the fact that these weapons are allowing to annihilate mobs of relevant level and level-up obscenely quicky to make 50 gold back at 60’s farm. If you are as good as our team, you can easily farm 50 gold per hour at high levels.

Now, that means that all we have to do in order to turn a profit from 50 gold investment back in time is to level faster than the 2 hours a farming time by virtue of the investment we made. So, obobviously, you can really never know if you have leveled 2 hours quicker as a virtue of the gear that we have purchased in this example. However, what you can do is estimate how much time we saved based off of your knowledge of the game comparing it to other people and things like that. As our experience shows, these is absolutely worth that and dramatically saves your time.

Mounts as time saver

mounts wow classic

Another excellent example of investments is in the form of people purchasing their Mounts. So, purchasing your mount is going to save you travelling time on your character while you are leveling. Dramatic amounts of travelling time. Now, you are going to get 60% increased movement speed for your level 40. It costs rougly a 100g to return this mount. Which is less than 3 hours of gold-farming.

Purchasing dungeon boosts

dungeon boost in WoW Classic

Another example of investment in WoW include purchasing a tank for your dungeon runs when you are gearing up. Sometimes it is way faster to get a tank for, let’s say, 20 gold per run, instead of spending time seraching for ungeared warrior.

Things you should know when you make an investments in WoW Classic

On the flip side of that, you do not really want to be investing solely in one commodity. I.e. if you are only selling time to make gold, then you will find yourself with no time to play the game. Similarly, if you invest in all your gold is increasing your leveling speeds, you have a very little amount by 60. So, it is worth considering that you do require both commodities. However, also worth knowing that both of these commodities exist. For example, you play a character that struggles with one and not the other. Again, level 60 prot warrior always struggles with conventional gold farming. However, he can make quite a lot by selling his tanking services.

It is really important to know that there a conversion rate does exist. There are ways of moving time into gold and gold into time.

Golden rule when you make investments in WoW Classic

You never want to leave yourself empty on either one. If you don’t have enough gold to be able to purchase basic consumables, you need to spend more time. If you got 200 gold at level 40, you really need to hit 60 already. It is difficult to track balance between these two and make sure that you are constantly making improvements.

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