First of all, stop listening to all hardcore players.
Vanilla World of Warcraft – is just MMORPG with huge content you need to soak up. We wrote this Wow Classic guide for beginners to clarify most common moment of in-game life. Moreover, huge different dungeons and quest entertain players for hundert amounts of /played time. It’s PVP is the thing which lures, but on other hand, this is the reason why every newbie player hates vanilla. I will describe it later.

Problems, which beginner face in WoW Classic

1) Gold shortage in vanilla

You gonna feel it since fresh start. Some quests gives you gold, others give you item instead. Most of time you don’t need any of reward items, so, you need to choose the one which costs more. That’s why you always need to check WoWhead and other sources to check item price. Do as much quests as possible. They give you almost 50% of all gold up to level 50.
Our WoW Classic beginners guide recommends to skip leveling crafting professions. Otherwise, you need to spend most of you budget buying materials. Don’t buy them from AH unless you have 60% mount.

Try to avoid buying items from AH unless it is pre raid bis.

On other hand, at level 50 gold won’t be issue and you can start buying whatever you need and level up professions. Or you can avoid shortage and feel like real OG, just buy gold.

2) Class selection.

Leveling char to 60 and high end game. Again, stop listening to hardcore players. You can play any class you like. Moreover, you don’t need to be 60 to feel and be happy in Classic WoW. Gaming process is very satisfying as it is. Don’t try to rush to 60 as others. Otherwise, you gonna lose a lot of interesting content.

Leveling from 1 to 20 is tough because of small amount of skills and abilities. Don’t spend gold to skill you won’t be using and items you change in 2-3 levels ahead.
20-40 leveling is easier, because your class gets more powerful spells (unless you are playing warrior). Still, don’t spend gold on items and professions. Reaching level 30 means PVP zones (aka bloodbaths). So, if you came to 25-32 level zone as 30, you can feel yourself much comforable. Avoid coming to new zones with low lvl.
If you hit level 40 – it means that you did 45% of job. 44-60 is the same as previous forty four levels. Leveling is harder now, because mobs are strong now and hit hard. You don’t get level up in 1 zone, you need to travel around Azeroth. And you have to learn you class well by this moment…

3) WoW Classic beginners guide: Player Versus Player

The only way to avoid PVP – choose PVE / RP server. Moreover, you gonna face opposite faction members, leveling with them in the same zones and having same quests. Are you getting ganked? Do you need best tip? Just relax and make a coffee or cup of tea. If ganker still chasing your corpse – you better move to other location. Hopefully, ganker will give up. Otherwise, maybe that is the time to buy boost service. We advise it because there are no “uber class” which wins every fight, but some of classes have advantage above others. For instance, level 34 rogue learns new abilities which allows him gank easily. With level up, his advantage decreases. If someone have killed you, try to recognize why did you lose. Try not to burn out because of ganking. Reasearch enemy tactic and learn your class more. Engineering designed to balance chances of winning.

Time by time it will seem like you have chosen the wrong class. Liwesike, chessmate game. By level 60 everyone is equal and you can see what ability uses your opponent and how to prevent his next move.

4) Communicate with other players: main tip in our WoW Classic begginers guide

Vanilla has its own spirit because of social part. Find in-game friends. Guild is your in-game family, no drama. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get 100% fun from WoW. Try to find collective with good healthy atmosphere and try to collaborate with guildies at contested territories. Even elite mobs won’t cause you troubles anymore. Moreover, in most of times 2 guys is more than enough to slay every elite monster. PVP gankers avoid parties too: almost impossible to gank 1 vs 2, unless he is high level. Two 45 levels beat 10 levels above solo player. So you have an advantage.

World of Warcraft is not hardcore game, at the same time everyone can find his own. Furthermore, raids is not main part of game, play whoever you wish.

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