Sanctum of Domination Raid


WoW Sanctum of Domination Boosting service

Chains of Domination, the major update for World of Warcraft Shadowlands, offers players to enter deeper into the depths of the Jailer's hopeless realm trying to understand the true nature of his evil plans. The Sanctum of Domination is a new raid for ten players deep in the convoluted hallways of Torghast. Shadowlands SoD raid carry will let you gaze into the Eye of the Jailer, strike back Tarragrue, fight Kel'Thuzad, and face the Banshee Queen herself in a final battle!

Sanctum of Domination boosting services and sell runs rewards:

  • Domination Armor Set (a new high lvl item for all ranks);
  • legendary Domination weapons sets and equipment for transmogrification;
  • new Sanctum of Domination FoS, boss achievements, and titles;
  • achievements for overcoming Sylvanas Windrunner at the end of the raid;
  • flying mount from the last boss in WoW Shadowlands raid carry;
  • other multiple rewards including SoD cosmetics, toys, and pets.

Lootrun to the Sanctum of Domination Bosses

Reaching the Jailer’s fortress located deeply in the death realm of the Maw is undoubtedly a risky journey even for superior Azeroth warriors. Even so, the ultimate rewards for victory totally worth it. Just think of the epic loot you can get defeating the Banshee Queen or overcoming the abominable lich Kel’Thuzad. Curious? So, let’s find out the possible Full Gear boost in the SoD raid. The estimation listed below is made on the basis of the previous expansions and the current Shadowlands item lvl range.

Sanctum of Domination leveling of loot runs and carries:

  • Sanctum of Domination LFR 213 ilvl (220 from the last 2 bosses);
  • Normal Sanctum of Domination 226 ilvl (233 from the last 2 bosses);
  • Heroic Sanctum of Domination 239 ilvl (246 from the last 2 bosses);
  • Mythic Sanctum of Domination 252 ilvl (259 from the last 2 bosses).

This SoD item lvl estimation is based on Legacy Boost presumption and for that reason may not correspond with the official in-game leveling. Still, we are pretty confident that it is correct unless there would be some significant changes to the current system. We will keep this list updated as soon as the official data are released. In any case, our WoW Sanctum of Domination Boost service is always efficient allowing players to enjoy the gameplay being fast geared up.

Additional SoD Raid Boost Services you can order

Our professional boosters require a few weeks to make the Sanctum of Domination carry service available. They will complete the raid and gear up the loot traders to let you get all the loot for your class and spec easily with no problems. Below indicated several game boosting services that we are going to offer you:

  • full 10/10 boss run in Sanctum of Domination (normal, heroic, or mythic mode);
  • the glory of the Sanctum of Domination raider;
  • Sylvanas Windrunner kill on every difficulty;
  • normal, heroic, or even mythic full gear for your character;
  • any mounts (if there will be some) from Sanctum of Domination raid;
  • Sanctum of Domination AotC achievement;
  • SoD raid carry Cutting Edge: Sylvanas Windrunner achievement.

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The main objective of our WoW boosting is to simplify the gameplay and help you achieve the desired results effortlessly and quickly. We know exactly what you need and therefore we are trying to offer the services that each character needs for proper development. Buy Sanctum of Domination WoW boost and you will considerably improve your gaming experience by having your character quickly geared up with many rewards.