Pre-raid BiS

Items is crucial in classic WoW. Whether you want to get spot in 40 man roster spot or dominate in battlegrounds – you need different best in slot items. Pre raid geared raider performs much better, that’s why you have to wear it during raid-time.


Buy WOW Classic pre raid bis

Buy WOW Classic pre raid bis and don't waste your time farming dungeons. Whether you play healer or dps - bis (best in slot) items is necessary to have raid spot. Some items demand a lot of gold, however it's easier than acquiring Ironfoe. Actually, we provide discounts, you don't need to pay thousands dollars for 100 BRD runs. To sum up, our prices for boosting services are flexible.

Contact us and we would advise you on the most suitable way of gearing your char.

Requirements to buy pre raid bis:

-That's perfect, if you have level 60 hero. Otherwise we can powerlevel him or just provide needed amount of gold