Honor Level boost


WoW Honor Level boost service

Once again the World of Warcraft honor leveling system has been revised. However, the majority of achievements and rewards stay the same. The higher your honor level the more rewards (titles, pets, mounts, toys) you get. We will boost your WoW honor level on unrated battle zones in the meantime collecting Honor points which you can later use to buy and upgrade the new Shadowlands PvP gear. When you order WoW honor farming service your rewards will depend on the final lvl you reach. For example, having honor level 1 and buying 4 more you will get honor level 5.

World of Warcraft honor level rewards

  • Honor Level 5 – Dutiful Squire (Alliance)/ Dutiful Gruntling (Horde)
  • Honor Level 10 – Honorable Pennant
  • Honor Level 15 – Prestigious Bronze Courser
  • Honor Level 20 – Alliance Enthusiast/Horde Fanatic
  • Honor Level 25 – Title The Honorable for your character
  • Honor Level 30 – Prestigious Pennant
  • Honor Level 40 – Prestigious Ivory Courser
  • Honor Level 50 – Title The Prestigious for your character
  • Honor Level 60 – Elite Pennant
  • Honor Level 70 – Prestigious Azure Courser
  • Honor Level 80 – Title The Unrelenting for your character
  • Honor Level 90 – Esteemed Pennant
  • Honor Level 100 – Title the Unstoppable Force for your character
  • Honor Level 125 – Prestigious Forest Courser
  • Honor Level 150 – Prestigious Royal Courser
  • Honor Level 175 – Glorious Pennant (new toy)
  • Honor Level 200 – Title Bound by Honor for your character
  • Honor Level 250 – Prestigious Midnight Courser
  • Honor Level 300 – Title the Tactician for your character
  • Honor Level 400 – Pet Reward: Vicious Crustacean Combatant (Sir Snips (Alliance) or Bucketshell (Horde))
  • Honor Level 500 – Prestigious Bloodforged Courser 

WoW honor level boost includes

  • Selected World of Warcraft honor level.
  • All achievements via 5 lvl obtained as honor level 5.
  • Prestigious Bronze Courser mount for honor level 15.
  • Title the Tactician for your character.
  • WoW Shadowlands boosting service is delivered by professional boosters with no bots or cheating software used.
  • The ability to opt for a particular booster to carry out your honor levelling order.

Honor level carry Requirements

  • The minimal character’s level must be 60.
  • The level of the item is 150 or more.
  • Share the account.
  • For WoW Shadowlands boost we need your login and password only. We will never question for a secret word or ask the access to your email.
  • To deliver WoW power leveling honor boost service you need to disable the authenticator or configure it the way of do not ask for a code on each login.

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