Dungeon boost


WOW Classic dungeon boost: main part of vanilla (classic) WoW experience

To clarify, everyone has been to such dungeon, as Scholomance / Strat Live, Strat UD / Black Rock / Dire Mauls and knows how easy it is to play when you buy WOW Classic dungeon boost. Similarly, dont forget about Maraudon Princess runs for the Blackstone ring. Legacy boost glad to offer dungeons boost service in WoW Classic for cheap price.

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Benefits buying boost service at our website:

  • You get all BoE items that drop during clearing. No extra cost for epic drop.
  • If you have any quests - similarly, no extra price - just let us know when making order.
  • Possibility of self-playing. If not available, we can provide video tape.

Requirements for WOW Classic dungeon boost:

  • Different dungeons - different levels. If you want to farm level 60 dungeons - level 55 could be enough in most of time. Meanwhile we offer leveling boost service too.