Weekly Conquest Cap

WoW Weekly Conquest Cap Boost Service

The new WoW Shadowlands has the long-awaited conquest points system brought back. Conquest points are a type of currency that allows you to buy superior heroic PvP armor, weapons, and items. However, the farming process can be long and boring. The best way out is to buy a PvP conquest points cap. Our experts are ready to help to solve this problem by offering CP points for sale. This way you can quickly get enough conquest points WoW Shadowlands necessary for epic equipment for your character. However, no more than 550 points each week can be obtained.

Conquest Gear Costs:

  • TwoHanded Weapons: 1800 Conquest points.
  • OneHanded Weapons: 900 Conquest points.
  • Chest, Helms, Legs: 875 Conquest points.
  • Damage Trinkets, Boots, Gloves, Shoulders, Belt: 700 Conquest points.
  • Gladiator Trinkets, Wrists, Cloaks, Rings, Necks: 525 Conquest points.
  • Off-Hands: 450 Conquest points.
  • Conduits: 200 Conquest points.

Shadowlands conquest cap boost includes

WoW boosting service saves you a huge amount of time and relieves you of the routine conquest points farming. Eventually, there are so many items in the game that you just need to have in your collection! PvP conquest points cap boosting service comprises:

  • farming out all possible weekly 550 conquest points;
  • using different PvP rated activities to achieve weekly cap;
  • professional WoW boost using of only enduring strategies;
  • piloted or self-played boost mode.

WoW conquest points farm Requirements

The following requirements are required to achieve a successful WoW conquest cap boost:

  • shadowlands expansion activated;
  • character is at least level 60;
  • this service requires self-play/shared mode;
  • no special gear requirements.

We ensure professional and top-rated service allowing you to receive the best PvP weekly chest rewards.

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