Soul Ash farm


WoW Soul Ash farm boosting service

Soul Ash is a new Shadowlands currency that can be used for Rune Carver to craft or upgrade Legendaries for your character. Ordering Soul Ash farming service your weekly soft cap will reach the maximum possible 1140 Soul Ash. To provide you with Soul Ash soft cap the Layer 8 grinding Torghast challenge will be accomplished in 2 different wings.

Soul Ash farming service includes

  • All items (gear and weapons) dropped within WoW Shadowlands boosting service.
  • The required number of Soul Ash.
  • Delivering the service in full is ensured.

By buying different options of WoW Currency boost you will get:

  • The desired Soul Ash number (we will farm the requested amount of Soul Ash by completing Torghast layers and covenant quests).
  • Unlocked Layers (we unlock the final layer for you if you have yet to do so).
  • Torghast Unlock  (if Torghast quest is not available for you yet, we’ll unlock it).

Our game experts deliver the fastest Soul Ash farm boosting service to our customers, however, satisfying the next essentials can expedite the process even more.

Soul Ash carry Requirements

  • the character of 60 level;
  • the Maw zone unlocked;
  • the Torghast challenge and layer 8 unlocked.

The Soul Ash farm boost is enough complicated task that may be time-consuming in case of doing all levels or require great proficiency to complete the most difficult eighth floor of the tower. For that reason, the time to deliver the Torghast Soul Ash boost service can be varied. If you prefer to do WoW Soul Ash farm on your own, you must have got to know the Torghast quest and currency secrets quite well to succeed.

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