What is WoW Boosting

World of Warcraft boost is a known and completely safe service when a professional and highly-skilled gamer assists you to achieve certain goals in the game. Legacy boost offers a wide selection of services allowing you to select the one that meets your needs. However, whatever you choose, the two options exist:

  • Self-Play mode. This option means that you will play together with your booster.
  • Piloted Mode. If piloted play is your choice, you will need to share your account details to let our booster log in and play for you. Legacy boost ensures full security and confidentiality of your personal data.

Professional WoW boosting is not only a wise solution to achieve your in-game objectives but also a good way to learn how to play smarter and better.

PvE Boost

World of Warcraft has plenty of activities for players, and we at Legacy-boost know, how to deal with all of them. In most cases, gamers devote their time to PvE dungeons and raids with the object of the level farm, therefore our PvE boosting services include Mythic+ Dungeons or raid carry. Also, you can order our special Dungeons Services and Castle Nathria Raid Services.

Leveling & Farm Services

While WoW playing many gamers get especial pleasure from challenges and participating in the end-game Battle for Azeroth. However, grinding to reach the high lvl isn’t so easy task requiring lots of time and effort from the player. And frankly speaking, sometimes it can be a boring and monotonous process. Our leveling and boosted WoW services are a great solution for your character to achieve the highest level in the shortest possible time. We at Legacy boost guarantee flexible, safe, and professional power-leveling where you could control every stage of the entire process.

PvP Carry & Coaching

Occupying a large part of the game activities PvP is something that many gamers choose to avoid due to its challenges and complexity. As a part of WoW boosts we deliver:

Professional coachers from Legacy-boost will help you to improve skills and teach you how to defeat your enemies and win PvP battles.

Mounts and Achievements

Like any expansion, Shadowlands includes both already existed and newly-added achievements and the best mounts that for sure will make you interested. We deliver a range of boosting WoW services regarding achievements and mounts of all classes. The achievements include two of the most wanted and rarest Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) and Cutting Edge. Our Legacy boost team is always ready for assist. All you need is just order AOTC or Cutting Edge WoW boost and enjoy the glory!

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