WSG is a pretty simple BG on surface level: carry the flag to the other side, do it 3 times and win the game.
Like most thing in life there is a lot more nuance beneath the surface. That’s exactly what we are going talk about in current topic. That is what we got for you! Everything you can expect from the release of Warsong Gulch in Classic WoW.


Warsong Gulch lore


So, firstly what exactly is Warsong Gulch? What’s the story?
Well, it is kind of Battle of Ashenvale. So, we all know what Ashenvale is – it’s night elf zone in northern part of Kalimdor which is pretty near Orgrimar – the main city of the orcs. Now the story is at Grom hellscream and orcs were chopping away at huge portions of the forest during the third war. These orcs that were pushing the deforestation of Ashenvale were the Warsong Outriders and the Night Elves are the ones battling to save the forest. Those NE are under the flag of the Silver Wing sentinels. Their sworn duty to defeat all orcs and push them out of Warsong Gulch.
So, that is lore of the battle. Look at the Warsong map.


Warsong Gulch battlefield in WoW Classic


It is pretty much split in two right down the middle:
There is the orc portion which is dry, rugged, no trees and even the grass is dying.
On other hand, the Night Elf area is more akin to what you’ll see in Ashenvale with lush green beautiful blooming trees and the mystical aura of night elf magic filling the atmosphere.


What do you need to do at WSG?


So, you might think the entire point of the BG has something to do with lumber and stopping the orcs from chopping down trees but in fact it’s just a flag carrying map with a flag on each side deep down the tunnel of either the Warsong Outriders or the Silverwing Sentinel. The entire point is to take flag and then drag it across the entire map and hand it in on your side the map. Of course, you can’t hand it in until you killed the enemy flag carrier. So, if 2 people are carrying the flag at once you have to down the enemy flag carrier, reclaim the flag and then you can hand it in. But we have all done WSG a billion times.


Warsong Gulch is probably the core when it comes to honor grinding in vanilla. It covers both ends of the spectrum. It can either be one of the longest BG’s out there. In fact, it can be indefinitely long kind of similar to what you’d expect from Alterac Valley in some cases when it’s being turtled or it can be the fastest and finish in under 10 minutes with 3 quick flag caps by a druid who’s just blasting through with sprint buffs and travel form.


Premades at Warsong


This is where top premades focus their efforts especially on the Alliance side. It is really all about flag-carrying. Now, both factions have access to druids. But what horde does not have access to is a paladin supporting the druid and this is the cream of the crop when it comes to premading in Warsong Gulch.


The most ideal scenario that you can have is a druid who’s got every little gadget known to mankind with a paladin who’s giving him freedoms, dispells and pretty much everything under the Sun to support him in his way through. There is a pretty deep meadow when it comes to flag-carrying and WSG not only with the classes but also with the tactics. There’s ledges and tree stumps and little places that you can jump your way up to where you can take really unconventional paths from one side of the map to the other. But we will discuss it in another topic.





Now another thing that is really a big part of the battleground are the power-ups within each Hut. There is 4 huts in WSG. So both horde and alliance side you have one hut that will give you berserking buff. It increases all damage by 30% and damage taken by 10% and also increases your size by 10% which is probably the sought-after and the most fought over Hut that there is pretty much and in premades you’ll see the warriors go for this and have a bunch of healbots on them and then just come and wipe everyone and at the start of of the BG generally people will just spring straight for this and it’s a battle for who gets the Berserker first.


On the other side, we have the restoration Hut. That buff that heals you for 10% of hp every second for 10 seconds. But if you’are attacked or if you attack someone it will cancel the effect.




On the top of that a big reason why Warsong Gulch is so good and so lucrative in terms of honor is every single flag cap that you get gives you honor. In fact, it gives you 400 honor, meaning a 3 cap gives you 1200 honor in total. After winning the match you you also get extra bonus 200 on top of that. 3 marks of WSG which you can later hand in for reputation and extra honor. At the same time it’s still not enough to reach rank 14 or it could take too much time, but we are happy to offer our rank boost service.


Warsong Gulch holidays


One thing that you might have forgotten from back in the day are the bg holidays. So, each weekend it is a new BG holiday. It’s either AB(Arathi Basin), WSG(Warsong Gulch) or AV(Alterac Valley) weekend. During that time you get double honor from whatever weekend it is. So during WSG weekend people are going to be on a Warsong Gulch frenzy.


Warsong Gulch rewards


We have already mentioned that there is a faction for both the Silverwing Sentinels and the Warsong Outriders. So, every single time you do WSG and anything in Warsong Gulch: capping flag, winning BG, hand in your marksor finish a repeatable quest – you get reputation with your specific faction. Now, at friendly get access to a trinket. There is one that gives you stamina plus bonus health regen. Another trinket gives you stamina plus reducing your targets magical resistances. They are not the greatest but they are pretty decent on a low-level character.


But lets skip really unnecesary items up to Exalted. At this point you get access to really awesome gear: epic bracers and epic legs. Unfortunately, these leggings are not available right now – they will be added in Naxx patch. So we are not going to wear them until phase 6.

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