Pre-raid bis TBC classic


In addition to all benefits of raids in World of Warcraft’s The Burning Crusade, there is one very unpleasant disadvantage. The farming of the proper equipment for your character requires a very long time. Playing without a pre-raid geared raider isn’t so interesting as your character is weak and doesn’t perform well. And it would be much more enjoyable to spend valuable hours for your own needs than to be engaged in the long daily routine of pre raid BiS farming.

Buy TBC pre raid BiS

Whether you play for A or D-Tier DPS class, having BiS items is highly preferred. Legacy Boost can get you covered by offering to buy pre raid BiS in TBC. This way you can quickly get the desired gear, boost your status, and make your character more resistant to damage and powerful. Our team of professional boosters will farm all necessary resources for you to get the highly desired pre raid BiS items.

Requirements for ordering pre raid BiS service

The only requirement is having a level 60 character. If you haven’t achieved it yet, we can offer powerleveling or supply with a necessary amount of gold.

Order pre raid BiS service from Legacy Boost and enjoy The Burning Crusade raids with your powerful and upgraded character!