Karazhan Attunement TBC


In simple terms, attunement is a key that is necessary for your character to enter a certain dungeon. As a rule, the more adventurous and exciting the place where we want to go, the more difficult is to obtain the attunement. Exist only two ways to get it:

  • It can be is given as a reward at the end of a quest or multiple quest chains. Often this is a quest drop from the boss.
  • Or it can be given or purchased when reaching a certain level of reputation with any faction associated with a particular dungeon.

How to enter Karazhan?

Karazhan, also known as Medivh's Tower, is essentially an abandoned magical tower. To enter the updated dungeon on The Burning Crusade you have to complete a chain of quests like visiting Dalaran, finding two key fragments, and others. With the help of our boosting team, you can avoid spending a great deal of time and effort completing all these tasks. Buy Karazhan Attunement service at Legacy Boost and get the dungeon unlocked during 24 hours.

What exactly do I get by ordering Karazhan Attunement

  • Karazhan Attunement.
  • Access to the Black Morass dungeon.
  • All gold and gear obtained when completing attunement quests.
  • The ring for Violet Eye reputation tier 1.

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