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The professions in World of Warcraft belong to the non-combat skills. However, profession leveling WoW is somewhat almost every player trying to develop its character encounters. All professions are divided into two classes: primary (gathering and crafting categories), and secondary. Boosting professions WoW is necessary to earn more gold and get different items like gems, armor, potions, mounts, and so on. WoW profession level can be increased by learning any two of the primary and all secondary ones simultaneously. 

Professions in World of Warcraft

  • Herbalism (primary, gathering). This profession boost WoW gives you herb gathering ability for alchemy.
  • Mining (primary, gathering). Enables the ability to gather or melt ore and metal to your character for engineering, blacksmithing, and jewel crafting.
  • Skinning (primary, gathering). Let you collect leather from killed beasts for leathercraft.
  • Fishing (secondary, gathering). This profession levelling provides the ability to catch fish for cooking and alchemy to your character.

Burning Crusade Professions levelling boost includes:

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  • Piloted options for leveling professions WoW are available.

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