A total of six zones have been introduced in Shadowlands expansion. Each one is filled with new exciting challenges and leveling opportunities. Tons of monsters to kill, dungeons to explore and gear to farm and time you need to invest into playing. Our experts have written this guide to describe the main Shadowlands zones and their peculiarities. Dive in for a closer look.

The new zones


This city is older than time itself. It was around before the birth of Titans, before the advent of memory and all history, thus, it remains unknown who it was founded by. It is the very heart of all realms, Nexus weaving tenuous connections to everything else. It is a place where all players initially gather before going any further. Here dwell those seeking anima and all manner of soul-sellers.

Players will be subjected to the supreme judgement of the impassive Arbiter. Everything they’ve done in life is instantaneously visible to her omnipresent eye. There is nothing you can hide, nowhere to run. Once your inclinations have been gauged, you are transported into the corresponding realm.


Bastion is the hub of purity and noble virtues, it is a holy land of marvelous beauty concealed from the human eye. It stands to protect order, structure and meek subordination. The area is populated by godlike beings – Kyrians, the envoys of pure intentions. They stand vigil in the afterlife, protecting numerous souls crossing over into the Shadowlands.

The Arbiter will single out the most noble, brave and self-effacing souls that will be subsequently sent to the Bastion. Here they take stock of their lives, cleanse their natures and spirits and hop on the thorny road with the prospect of one day joining the ranks of the untouchable Kyrians.


This land might seem cursed to an untrained eye as it is continually rent by war, adversity and conflict. There is not a single soul that has not been shaped by the worship of power and eternal might. Ruled by the Necrolord Covenant, it is the ultimate source of military strength and untamed destruction in Shadowlands. It is home to the filthy and detestable – necromancers and dire abominations. It’s important to be nuanced here: these beings are not evil by free will, but are shaped by the reality of constant battles and chaos.

Maldraxxus welcomes unyielding, relentless souls that are ready to persevere until they become almighty, influential and ready to reign. Those who thrive in conflict and yearn supreme power are highly successful here, while those caving in the face of difficulties are vanquished and used as fuel.


The dark forest where Night Faes reign in absolute power and peace. The land is shrouded in gloom and mystical forces that serve as the source of strength for its inhabitants. When compared to seasons, it stands for winter and fall, that is, it’s a place of dormancy, golden slumbers and eternal rest.

Souls that feel connected to the forces of nature are sent here by the impassive Arbiter. The Night Faes bring them back to life by draining mortal souls of their vigorous energy (Anima), distilling it and permeating with it their chosen subjects. They also share with them wisdom and knowledge garnered through the millennia of existence.

These days, the Ardenweald forest is heavily deprived of rejuvenating Anima. There is not enough to feed everybody, thus, the Winter Queen selects creme de la creme, the very best that are worth tasting the residues. The rest will gradually face their demise.


Dark, mythical, unbearable, detestable, filthy – the land of torture and conspiracy. You can occasionally see sunlight here, but mostly it’s all doom and gloom. The reigns of power belong to the Venthyr Covenant. The vast majority of souls are immediately intimidated at a single mention of this place. They certainly do not want to be sent here.

Once the impassive Arbiter has seen in you the signs of a prideful nature, the road covered in earthly pleasures and sins, you are doomed to get here. Unbearable pain will be inflicted on here to make you repent your wrongdoings.

Although Venthyrs are meant to guard the world from sinners, they are not devoid of pride per se. That is, there is a crisis of leadership leading to tumult and unrest among the ranks of the chosen ones.

The Maw

This is the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle, but in the WoW Shadowlands locations. It is an eerie nebulous vortex that will suck in anyone who dares to come too close. This is the final destination of those deemed for oblivion and eradication by the impassive Arbiter. Souls that have caused too much havoc and disturbance in the living world are locked up here for eternity. There is no escape, nowhere to run, no one to call – the mystical nothingness ruled by the Jailer, who has never been seen by any living being.

The rub is – the machine of death is broken. All the souls fly past the Oribos straight to hell. The Maw is constantly growing, the balance of powers is shifting. It has been uncovered that the Jailer had conspired with Sylvanas Windrunner to undermine the state of things. The latter has sworn to provide dead souls for the Jailer in exchange for Anima.

All players will be sent here at first, but as their connection to the earthly world is too strong, they will be able to flee the Maw and explore the other realms.

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