Some of us play this game entirely for the PVP, other people hate it and choose to avoid it entirely, but in this WOW Classic PVP guide we are about to talk how to do it successfully. However, there are technically three different ways to do PvP in WoW Classic: dueling, battlegrounds, world PvP. In this WOW Classic PVP guide you will learn about each fairly briefly and finally you will read about the honor system. Small warning, I reference content phases a good bit in this article.

WoW Classic PVP Guide

World PVP guide

If you choose a PvP server you will automatically be flagged for PvP in the contested zones of the world. This means if you are going to be in any of the contested zones any one of the opposing faction may attack you at any time and vice-versa. However, if you are in a zone protected by the enemy faction you will be flagged and the opposing faction is not. This means the opposing faction can choose to attack you but you cannot attack them, unless they start the fight.

If you are on a PvE server this gameplay dynamic does not apply to you.
There is no right answer on what to pick as far as servers go. It is just about what you prefer. On a PvE server you can focus on questing in peace, but on a PvP server you get an added dynamic to your questing experience. Seeing someone of the opposite faction means a lot more on a PvP server. If you chose a warrior and ganked by high level rogue over and over again is sux. But satisfaction of winning fights in world PvP should outweigh.

Duel PVP guide

Dueling allows you to fight people of your own faction regardless of the server you are on. You can duel anywhere but inside capital cities. You don’t kill your opponent, you only put them down to 1 health point and you do not get honor for fighting. Dueling is just for fun and practice. The nice thing about dueling is that it is in a controlled enviroment in which you can practice and hone your skills. It’s common courtesy to agree with your opponent beforehand as to if crafted consumables are allowed and etc.
People really like dueling. You will often see it happening outside capital cities. In fact, on the classic while beta servers there was Dueling tournament hosted by “tipsoutbaby” and some others on the Horde side.

Battlegrounds in vanilla WoW

Battlegrounds are PvP game modes that you queue up for by talking to a battle master in one of your capital cities or by going to the respective instance portals in the open world. In the third content phase we get Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley – the first 2 bg’s.

Warsong Gulch (WSG)

Is a 10 vs 10 capture-the-flag style game mode. You must be at least level 10 in order to play and an interest of fairness.

There are level brackets:

  • 10-19
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60

The map is almost entirely symmetrical. You fight each other until one team scores three flag captures. You cannot capture the flag if your flag is not in your base and whenever you die you will be teleported to your faction spirit healer whereby you don’t have to run back to your corpse but instead wait for the spirit healer to fully revive you and your fellow teammates who have died and this happens every 30 seconds.

Alterac Valley (AV)

Is a huge 40 vs 40 battleground. It’s a tug of war style map where the horde and alliance fight for control of small bases and nodes pushing their control and respawn points further down the map to eventually kill the enemy leader (high-level NPC). This battleground allows anyone from level 50 to participate and these games can last from 15 minutes up to a day or two. Meanwhile , there are tons of NPCs on this map as well that offer quests within the battlegrounds setting for reputation and currency to buy some really awesome gear. AV is not exactly as competitive as WSG but it’s definitely a fun and massive battle.

Arathi Basin

Finally, in content phase number 4 we get our third battleground – Arathi Basin (AB). AB is a 15 vs 15 conquest style game on a map with 5 bases for your team to capture. Level brackets are same as WSG.
Each team must capture and hold bases by channeling a 10 second cast on the flag of the base. After you captured the base if it was previously held by the enemy team there’s a small window for the enemy team to recap the base instantly. Now it will start generating points for your team and the first team first team to 2000 points wins.

What’s the purpose of WOW Classic PvP guide?

The main and internal incentive to do PvP is to get honor. There are 14 honor ranks and the higher rank the harder it is to attain. But if you don’t want to waste 3-4 months on getting max PVP rank, buy PvP rank boost. You get honor points by killing the enemy faction in open world, BG’s, completeing a battleground. You get even more honor if you win it and completing various objectives in the battle ground, such as capturing a flag or base. Whatever you complete a battleground you’ll also get marks – an item that goes into your inventory. If you win, you get 3. If you lose, you get 1. You turn in these marks to a repeatable quest NPC located right next to the place where you queued up and they’ll reward you with some money, reputation and honor.

Basically, what you need to know is that you get honor points in every week on server maintenance day. Your rank requires more than just getting X amount of Honor though. It also depends on the other honor points of the other people in your faction on your server. Every week you also lose a percentage of your overall honor, making it harder to rank up depending on how high your rank is. The higher the rank you have the more access to certain gear and things you get. Go to an honor vendor in your capital city and take a look for yourself.

So, with rank 3 you get a 10% mount discount. In fact, it’s a faction wide discount for all items from all NPCs.

That is about what covers WOW Classic PVP guide. If you want an easygoing questing experience and you only want to do PvP via dueling and battlegrounds roll a PvE server. But if you want the world of Azeroth to feel even more dangerous, see you on a PvP server.

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