In the upcoming Burning Crusade Classic professions have stepped forward in comparison with classic WoW and have a much greater impact and importance on the Gameplay and your character generally. One of the most important reagents for creating crafting items are the primal elements or “primals” as they are often called. In this regard the primal elements are the most common object of farming for crafting the items or selling and earning gold. In this guide I want to give a quick review on primal elements and the methods of their farming. Now we’re ready to start, hope you’ll have a good time.

Primal elements cost

In BC there are seven primal elements total. There is also the primal might but this reagent is the result of the transmutation of the alchemists and we will not consider it as well as the primal nether which is also an important reagent but does not relate to the elements. And so initially the elements are represented by the primal air, fire, water, mana, shadow, life and earth. Each element has a different value in the BC world. The price is based on the demand for a particular element among players as well as on the complexity of its farming. It is very difficult to predict what the prices of primals will be on the servers of BC Classic. I’m going to give the average prices based on my own experience, but one thing I can say for sure – on the Burning Crusade Classic the prices will clearly be higher.

The most expensive is air, the average price of which is 30-32 gold per piece. In the second place close to the air is fire, the average price is 27-29 gold per piece. The third line is water with a price of 22-24 gold. In the fourth position is mana with a price of 18-20 gold. In the fifth place is life with a price of 10-12 gold. Number 6 is shadow, with a price of 8-10 gold. And in the last place is earth, the price of which is set in the area of 3 – 5 gold apiece.

Then farming the primal elements you will rarely receive a whole element. Most often you will receive motes of fire or water, 10 of these items are combining in a whole primal element. The only option you can get a whole element fire, water, air or earth – a mod named a shattered hand executioner. You can find him at the end of the dungeon The Shattered halls on the heroic level. This mob is available after completing the dungeon once a day and of course is not an option for farming.

The common sources of farming for all the elements will be sellers of goods. There are three of them in the world. Two of them representatives of Ethereals, the new BC race, specifically the Dealer Najeeb, you will find him in the storm top that in the Netherstorm, and Dealer Tariq, he is located near the entrance to the dark maze in the Terokkar forest. Third dealer is professor Thaddeus Paleo, who travels together with the Darkmoon faire. Each of these merchants has a limited number of elements and you can buy no more than three motes of each of the elements at a time. KD is about 30 minutes, during this time only one mote is restored. The base cost of each mote without taking reputation discounts is 16 silver which of course is several times cheaper than the prices at the auction.

In addition I must say that the transmutation of alchemists allows you to turn one primal element into another but all outlander’s transmutations have a KD of 20 hours and it is much more profitable to use transmutation for the crafting of more expensive reagents.

Primal air farm

Now let’s discuss each of the elements and how to farm them. Let’s start with the primal air Its high price is due to the demand among players for crafting certain items of equipment as well as a limited number of ways to farm it and as a result of high competition among farmers. There are only five types of air elementals in the world from which you can get motes of air.

The first of them is Storming Wind-Ripper. They have a 34 percent chance of dropping from 1 to 2 motes of. You will find these elementals on the all known board of elementals in Nagrand. This area is available only to players who have the ability to fly. However, the competition in this place is the highest and I don’t recommend this place for farming.

Dust Howler, Storm Sager and Living Cyclone: these are elementals scattered throughout the Nagrand and there is no place with their accumulation. Also they have the lowest chance of dropping motes of air equal to 18 percent. This farming method will be the slowest due to the fact that you will have to run around the locations and look for these mobs. But you will be almost alone.

Enraged Air Spirits are the air elements that you will find in the Shadowmoon valley, their chance of dropping is 26 percent. Also they are collected in one area but at a sufficient distance from each other. There will be others, but competition will be much lower than in a raft of elementals. Another benefit is that mobs could be located at a sufficient distance from each other and even three players will not have time to all the points of possible respawn of these mobs. I would choose this place for farming.

Other than air elementals in Nagrand you will find Storm clouds. These clouds can be gathered and will give you from 3 to 5 motes of air, but this method is only available to engineers who have a remote guidance device. Also keep in mind that the clouds move and often could be found near floating islands. That means – to access some of them you will need a flying mount. Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles will help in searching for these clouds, farm clouds will be displayed on the minimap, as soon as you put it on. Of course it will be the most profitable of the possible ways to farm due to the fact that not everyone will have engineering skills and competition will be lower. Also, each cloud is guaranteed to give from 3 to 5 motes of air.

Primal shadow farm

An interesting fact about this primal element: In the early patches of the Burning Crusade the primal shadow dropped almost from any Demon above level 60, of which there are countless numbers in the outland. And the cost of this primal was lower than the price of the primal earth. This element was removed from the loot of demons with patch 2.1 and remained exclusively in the elementals of which caused the price to rise almost 3 times. However there are more shadow elementals in comparison with the air elementals then the demand among players is less so the price comparison with air is much lower.

Also worth mentioning about clusters of elementals in the outland, where you can farm the primal shadow. The most popular and effective point around the Oshu’gun crystal in Nagrand. Here elementals have a drop chance of 34%. But this place will be in the highest competition among players. So I recommend to take a closer look at two points on the Hellfire Peninsula.

First is located in the very south of the location next to the weapons expedition and the elementals here have an 18 percent chance of dropping 1-2 motes.

The second is in the east of the location near the cliff here the chance of drop is 25%. Also advantage of the location will be low level elementals they are no higher than 61 level which will also facilitate the farm.

And the last place around on the Manaforge Ultris in the Netherland, and the chance to get a mote of shadow here is 27%, but this location is popular among players, not only because of parts of shadow, but also because of the several tasks in this place. So there will always be a few more players. Another disadvantage of this place is the complexity of mobs, especially for mages because these elementals have the ability to become vulnerable to certain schools of magic.

It’s still unclear whether this element will drop from all the demons as it was in the beginning of the BC, in my opinion – no they won’t. And in this case the best places will be Oshu’gan crystal in Nagrand and place in the West of Hellfire Peninsula next to the cliff, but if you’re the engineer, then your choice are clouds in Shadowmoon valley.

Primal life farm

Primal life is closely intertwined with herbalism in Burning Crusade and if you are not a herbalist I would not recommend you to farm this element. If you need the primal life it will be much more effective to farm another primal to sell it and for the earned money buy primal life. Interesting fact that in the first patches of Burning Crusade there were green clouds in Zangarmarsh by collecting which engineers received motes of life, in the future these clouds were replaced by blue clouds, from which you could collect motes of water. I think that on Beta and on release of BC Classic there will be clouds of water particles. Now back to the primal life.

By collecting almost any herbs in the outland with some chance you will receive motes of life and any herbalist will always find a dozen other of these primals. If you need to purposefully farm this primal element, the best choice will be the Dead Mire in the northeast of Zangarmarsh and here you will find a huge number of swamp giants, they have 61-62 level, which means they will be easy to kill. Also they respawn pretty quickly, while having an 18 percent chance of dropping motes of life. Moreover, herbalists can collect herbs from their bodies and have an additional percentage chance to get a couple more particles at the same time. Usually competition in this place is small due to the fact that the primal life is not very popular and  players get it in abundance by collecting herbs in the outland.

It is also worth looking at the place in the north and east of the Bone wastes in the Terokkar forest, where many ancients live. They also have a chance to drop motes and you can collect herbs from them. And the last option is a Talonsworn Forest-Rager in Skettis. They have about 30 thousand HP and not everyone will be able to defeat them alone. There are only four of them and I am sure the competition will be high. Though each of them has a chance to drop from 2-5 motes of life and a certain amount of herb of the outlands in addition. And also from them you can collect herbs that will double your jackpot.

We’re going to stop on that note. Thank you all for your attention and bye-bye!