Having reached level 60 in the Shadowlands, you will be required to choose one of the four Covenants at hand. This choice is vital and affects how the game is going to move forward. Your character will have a certain set of extra powers and abilities based on what you opt for. We have written this guide to help you factor in pros and cons and make a conscious decision.

Best Options for a Tank

For your convenience, we have placed all data and commentary in a table. You can always come back and quickly check the best option for each scenario and read on the reasoning behind it.

Specs Best raid option Best Mythic+ option Comments

Blood Death Knight

Kyrian Venthyr Kyrian is a good choice for raids as it offers your Blood Death Knight a unique “Shackle the Unworthy” ability. It can be used to decrease the damage your opponents are causing you by 5%. Plus, you can get a Phial of Serenity to restore your health by casting “Summon the Steward”.

Venthyr is your go-to for Mythic+ as it works wonders in scenarios when you need fast burst damage and RP.

Vengeance Demon Hunter

Kyrian Kyrian Kyrian is good in both cases. You can cast “Elysian Decree” in raid situations to increase the damage you cause to enemies. It cools down relatively fast + you can use “Summon your steward” to quickly restore some health.

In Mythic+ Kyrian Covenant will grant you high AoE damage which can be further decreased by gearing up in Razelikh’s Defilement. Add “Phial of Serenity” and “Necrotic Wound” to strike and you’re set for a win.

Guardian Druid






Kyrian would be perfect for defensive strategies with its 40% damage decrease. Necrolord is good for aggressive attacks with powerful “Adaptive Swarm” and “Moofire” buffs for damage control. 

In case of Mythic +, Venthyr and Neclord are equally effective if you choose to play offensively. Defensively, Kyrians would be better with their “Kindred Spirits” buff to reduce damages. 

Brewmaster Monk

Kyrian Necrolord “Vaillant Strikes” can be effectively applied for instant healing in raids + you can form a strong soulbind with Pelagos for increased strength.

 With some negligible downsides, Necrolord holds the position of the best Covenant for Mythic+ in case of a Brewmaster Monk. “Bone Marrow Hops” and “Bondest Brew” would be of much avail. 

Protection Paladin

Venthyr Kyrian Venthyr is an ideal option for raids. “Ashen Hallows” used for protection + “Door or Shadows” to speed your character up ultimately yield great results. And there is also General Draven to provide faster raid progression as a soulbind.

In Mythic+ Kyrian Covenant would be your best shot. “Devine Toll” in tandem with legendary items creates nice protection, “Phial Of Serenity” can be used as a quick pick-me-up, and Pelagos serves well as a soulbind.

Protection Warrior

Kyrian Kyrian Best option for protection purposes in raids. You’ll have “Spear Bastion” to deal with excessive damage. “Ancient Aftershock” is good to knock up to 5 enemies down + “Phial of Serenity” for healing. The same set of abilities will be of help in Mythic+.

Best options for Healers

Specs Best Raid Option Best Mythic+ option Comments

Restoration Druid

Night Fae Night Fae In raids, you can use “Convoke the Spirits” healing burst with minimum mana and 2 minutes cooldown to your advantage. Plus, it works well in combination with “Soul of the forest” which provides a 200% healing increase for your next cast. Add here the “Wild Growth” and occasional “Flourish”, and you get a highly potent healer for a raid situation.

For Mythic+, Night Fae is still the best option. The reasons are the same as stated above, but add here that “Convoke the Spirits” can also be used to provide damage cooldown and help cast a potent “Starfall” AoE. 

Mistweaver Monk

Necrolord Necrolord or Kyrian There are a number of highly potent healing casts for raids Necrolord has to offer. “Lead by Example” is accessible and quite effectively increases the overall stats; “Bonedust Brew” heals fast and has a relatively moderate cooldown time.

For Mythic+, you can choose either Necrolord or Kyrian. They are pretty similar in the benefits they provide. Necrolord is good for the same reasons as stated above, and Kyrian will give you “Invoke Chi-Ki” and “ The Red Crane” to burst healing power and operate damage.

Holy Paladin

Kyrian Kyrian Kyrian is a perfect choice for raids. Venthyr and Necrolord also seem reasonable enough, but Kyrian offers more healing output with its “Devine Toll” + “Crusader Strike” and a low 1 min cooldown.

Mythic+ is a challenge for Paladins, but it can be successfully overcome by using “Devine Toll” from Kyrian both offensively and defensively. Plus, there is “Glimmer of Light” that can be applied to the entire party. Other than that, “Devine Toll” should be enough to cure everyone before you are ready to apply “Avenging Wrath”.

Discipline Priest

Venthyr Kyrian Venthyr is without a doubt your go-to option for raids. “Mindgames” will grant you enormous damage burst with a 45 second cooldown for regular use. This ability also translates into “Atonement” for highly potent healing. With such a set of abilities you’re good to go on any raid.

For Mythic+, go with Kyrian. You will get “Boon of the Ascended” to manage prideful enemies (it is easier to kill them with this cast) and can inflict AoE damage to your opponents with “Ascended Nova”. 

Holy Priest

Necrolord Necrolord Necrolord shines bright like a diamond in both cases, though Kyrian is also a solid choice. “Ascended Nova” would be of use in raid situations especially when you’re soulbound to Pelagos or Emeni. In Mythic+ scenario, “Ascended Nova” is a bit less useful, as the damages and buffs quickly get high. This can be fixed by using “Unholy Nova” to cause AoE damages followed by “Lead by Example” buff with a massive healing spurt.

Restoration Shaman

Necrolord Kyrian or Venthyr “Primordial Wave” turns Necrolord into the best option for raid. It is a fantastic ability which lets you heal a particular target on the spot. This makes raiding not only efficient, but fun. You can build a decent character with Venthyr or Kyrian too, but they mainly focus on AoE (low-damage). 

For Mythic+, Kyrian offers a “Vesper Totem” that can be applied to both heal and deal damage. “Phial of Serenity” is a nice cooldown boost. Going for Venthyr, you get “Chain Harvest”. Though not as universal, it is still comfy to use to buff multiple players.

Best Options for DPS

Specs Best raid option Best Mythic+ option Comments

Frost Death Knight

Kyrian or Venthyr Venthyr or Night Fae Venthyr will give you “Breath of Sindragosa” that is a nice option for single targets, increases runic powers and can be effectively used in AoE. Add here the most powerful in terms of damage output “Shackle the Unworthy” and strong soulbinds with Pelagos and you’re set for any battle.

Venthyr’s “Swarming Mist” in tandem with “Breath of Sindragosa” shine in Mythic+ situations, while Night Fae’s “Death’s Due” works well to cleave “Obliterate” damage in AoE.

Unholy Death Knight

Venthyr Venthyr Early progression is the top priority in raids, thus, Venthyr with its “Thrill Seeker” soulbind and monstrous “Swarming Mist” damage cast is perfect for the scenario. The same goes for Mythic+, and you get “Epidemic” for single damage and runic powers boost.

Havoc Demon Hunter

Venthyr Kyrian Venthyr gives you “Sinful Brand” – a strong single-target damage tool + “Thrill Seeker” soulbind for additional passive effects.

In Mythic+ go for Kyrian as you get “Elysian Decree” for a powerful single-target damage instrument and access to “Let Go of the Past” 5% permanent buff.

Balance Druid

Kyrian Kyrian Kyrian is spectacular for both raids and Mythic+. It grants tons of AoE damage tools and offers “Combat Meditation” for temporary power increase.

Feral Druid

Kyrian Kyrian Feral Druid also shines in Kyrian for the same reasons + “Convoke the Spirits” and “Moonfire”.

Beast Mastery Hunter

Kyrian Kyrian You get “Resonating Arrow” (1 min cooldown) to accompany your other abilities. Useful in combination with “Phial of Serenity” in raids for either offense or defense. In Mythic+ add here “Soulforge Embers” for group enemy damage deal.

Marksmanship Hunter

Kyrian Kyrian “Resonating Arrow” is a perfect match for other Marksmanship abilities. Together they create perfect cooldown timing for fighting Castle Nathria bosses. In Mythic+ you get “Phial of Serenity” as an offense/defense mechanism.

Survival Hunter

Kyrian Kyrian Kyrian is the current leader for both raid and Mythic+ situations. It provides nicely timed cooldown and improves upon other abilities a great deal.

Arcane Mage

Night Fase Night Fae This spec is all about fast cooldown, Night Fae is with its “Touch of the Magic” and “Rune Power” will get you just that. On top of that, you get “Shifting Power” that instantly recharges the “Arcane Orb” cast.

Fire Mage

Necrolord Night Fae To be honest, any covenant will provide similar results. The only one that stands out for its powerful “Lead by Example” soulbind is Necrolord. Night Fae would work well in Mythic+ as it provides for short cooldown time.

Frost Mage

Venthyr Venthyr Venthyr has the best compatibility for a Frost Mage “Brain Freeze” and “Mirrors of Torment” giving a chance to cast stacks up to three times. Add here a strong “Lead by Example” bond and you get a smooth power mix.

Windwalker Monk

Kyrian Kyrian Kyrian should be your go to as it offers you the most powerful legendary for a Windwalker Monk – “Invoker’s Delight”. Would be of avail in both scenarios. Night Fae is your second choice. 

Retribution Paladin

Venthyr Kyrian Venthyr is the best option in the long haul. “Ashen Hallow” delivers the highest damage deal, while “Door of Shadows” positively affects mobility, which is nice in raids. Kyrian seems good for Mythic+ due to its powerful “Devine Toll” ability.

Shadow Priest

Kyrian Necrolord Kyrian is ideal for raids due to potent conduits and damage numbers you get from binding with Pelagos. In Mythic+, Necrolord would be of use with its powerful spell boost “Unholy Transfusion” and “Unholy Nova” as a high-damage multiple-player bomb. 

Assassination Rogue

Kyrian Night Fae Numberwise, Kyrian and its “Let go of the Past” Pelagos soulbind seem the best option for raids. Add here “Phial of Serenity” and “Echoing Reprimand” and you’re all set.

Night Fae works wonders in Mythic+ scenario as it provides for high AoE damages with “Wild Hunt Tactics” and “First Strike” casts.

Outlaw Rogue

Kyrian Night Fae We chose Kyrian for its “Let Go of the Past” bond. Other than that, any covenant would suffice. In Mythic+, we’d go for Night Fae with monstrously powerful “First Strike” and “Wild Hunt Tactics” abilities.

Subtlety Rogue

Kyrian Kyrian Again, we went for Kyrian for its unique and useful soulbind with Pelagos. Works wonders in both cases.

Elemental Shaman

Necrolord Kyrian When it comes to damage numbers, Necrolord reigns supreme. The “Primordial Waves” beats all other covenant options. Kyrian is good for Mythic+ again for its Pelagos “Let Go of the Past” bond.

Enhancement Shaman

Kyrian Kyrian Kyrian for the same reasons as indicated above.

Affliction Warlock

Kyrian Kyrian “Scouring Tithe” is by far the most powerful warlock cast out there, thus, Kyrian wins.

Demonology Warlock

Necrolord Venthyr Necrolord’s “Deciminating Bolt” gives a nice single-target power lift and gets you ready for “Demonbolt” cast with its massive damage deal. Venthyr wins in Mythic+ due to its “Impending Catastrophe” group damage cast.

Destruction Warlock

Kyrian Kyrian Kyrian tops for its strong soulbind and “Scouring Tithe” + Summon Steward” casts. These bring damage and rule in both scenarios.

Arms Warrior

Venthyr Venthyr Go for Venthyr. “Condemn” will smoothly increase damages by the end of the battle, while you are using “Rend” meanwhile. “Door of Shadows” would be useful in Mythic+ for quickly changing locations to escape/befuddle the boss.

Fury Warrior

Venthyr Venthyr Venthyr seems to have been created specifically for Fury Warrior. “Condemn” for extremely potent AoE damage deal, which is also a cool addition to “Bloodthirst” ability. “Door of Shadows” would be beneficial in Mythic+ for fast location shifts.


Now that we have gone through every spec there is, it is high time we reminded you that these recommendations seem objective, but they don’t mean you can’t develop a decent character if you opt for a different option. With dedication and strategic planning, you can express yourself in any of the four available covenants. Have a fun time playing!

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