How it works

Pick a service most suitable for your game needs, then add it to your cart. If none of the services seem to meet your requirements, contact us and we’ll work out an individual plan just for you.

Go to your cart, fill out your contact information, character details and make a payment. We suggest that you reach out to us before placing your order to make sure there is no misunderstanding as to what our boosters need to do for you.

Once we’ve received your order and payment, our team will contact you within two hours to clarify details and work out a boosting schedule for your convenience. This is done to determine at what hours you’re fine with our boosting team working on your case.

Once we’ve clarified all the details, we will start working immediately. You will receive updates on your order’s status with screenshots daily. Just go to your profile on our site to check it out.

Having completed the job, we will reach out to you to give you a report with details on what has been done and make sure you are pleased with the results.