The main questions

We’ve been in game boosting for about 5 years. Members of our team are highly skilled professional players, who also happen to be genuinely passionate about gaming itself. We are experts at what we are doing and ready to prove that to you.

  • Add us on discord: Legacy-boost#2237
  • Message us on Skype: live:skype_9663
  • Send us an e-mail: [email protected]

Your security is our top priority. We take every possible measure to make sure ban is out of the question:

  • use customizable VPN set for your exact location;
  • never make any social contacts while playing from your account;
  • handle your private data with caution and never hand it over to third parties.

The sky’s the limit for our boosters. If you haven’t found any service suitable for your needs, just contact us and we will work out a personalized plan custom-made for your specific game goals.

You need to pay the entire amount to place an order. We will only transfer money to a booster’s account once your order is completed. This procedure is meant to protect your money and guarantees that our booster will be paid after the job is done.

To place an order, go to a product’s page, choose the desired settings, add the product to your cart. Then go to your cart, fill in the form and click “check out”. Done. Note, that we keep your personal information secret and never hand it over to third parties.

We work with Paypal only as it is the safest system for money transfers on the web as of yet.

We update your order’s status information daily on your profile. There you can find a report with screenshots. But you can always contact us if you need to check the status as of now.

Account sharing (piloting) is providing our boosters with direct access to your account so that they can play instead of you. We can make a boosting schedule so that you can use your account when it’s not being boosted. Your data is safe, we never ask access for your e-mail and suggest that you change password to your account after the service as a precaution.

Self-play is available for the majority of services we offer. In this case, you play along with other players (our boosters) and access to your account is not required.