As you know, Dire Maul releases at 15 October, which is much sooner than it was expected. Originally, World of Warcraft was released at 23 November (in US) and patch 1.3 (including Dire Maul) was implemented at 7 March. So, on this page you can find all info and material relating to this dungeon which is very helpful, enjoy.



In short, Dire Maul is not a single dungeon. There are 3 directions which you can follow, so the portal on the left is Dire Maul West, the portal on the right is East and if you go forward (top) you will come to Dire Maul North, also known as DM Tribute.


These dungeons are pretty important, they give you items that are way better than the most of the staff you can get from UBRS, Scholomance and other instances. So, with Dire Maul release you can get access to way better gear than you have access to right now. Or at least complimentary gear that is pretty much on the level. This is going to affect MC speed clear times, as well as PvP. Because your pre-bis list now shifts dramaticaly – like maybe half of the items.


Why did they decide to release it so soon? Some people say, that the most of us didn’t renewed subscription for the second month so I think this is more of business decision. These dungeons will make the end game experience a lot better.


Main changes with Dire Maul release:


  • Trinkets. In order to get these you need to complete a quest. So, you got book in inventory, click it and talk to a guy. These books are class specific. That is to say, getting your class book isn’t as easy as you might think and the drop rate on these is really low. Now all across DM there’s a couple spots where a dusty tome can spawn on the ground. You click the tome and you will most likely get a gray book. In fact, you can’t even vendor it. But if you’re lucky you will get a class specific tome which is actually BOE so depending on the class of said book it’ll have a value based on how good the trinket is.


Dire Maul trinkets


  • World buffs from Tribute chest runs: each saved boss in DM Tribute provides extra item to the Tribute chest.


Dire Maul world buffs
3 world buffs from Dire Maul North


  • New possibilities to farm gold. For instance, Hunters could farm DM North solo (with might of Feign Death), having up to 150 gold per 1 hour, just by kiting the ogre king. On other hand, most of private servers fixed that way of farming. For example, they added extra patruls and guards on the way to the last boss. However, mages could always farm trash mobs at East wing. Another example, warlocks can kill first guard in north part, as well as kill hyenas, using the ramp.
  • Warlock and paladin 100% mounts.
  • Level 55 mage water.
  • Quel’Serrar.
  • Economy. New gold-farming methods flood inventories with gold. Pretty simple.


How not to get lost


I already mentioned, that DM is not a single dungeon but rather the 3 separate dungeons:


  • North part(Tribute): ogres
  • East part: elementals(treants)
  • West part: Ghosts and other magic spirits


Moreover, within DM there is a tunnel system which connects West and North wing and in the middle of it located the Library. This library is the place where many of the quests are handed in or where some of them are attained. Surprisingly, you can’t just get to the library, unless you are rogue.


How to get to the Library?


In short, each entrance to the tunnel system within the dungeons themselves are locked as well as the entrance doors leading to DM North and West. In order to get through, you need what’s called the Crescent Key and you can get this from a quest in East part, which as I stated doesn’t require a key at all.


Dire Maul East


So, Dire Maul East is most likely the first dungeon that you will run with your guildies. Here (in that wing) is an imp called Pusillin, who starts a quest where he basically runs across the entire dungeon and you are tasked with following him at each checkpoint that he runs to. By the end, you kill him and pick up the key.
East part has another quest which is super important. I mean really important to pretty much every mana user in the entire game. It grants us access to the best aqua refreshment in classic WoW – rank 7 mage water, which restores 4.000 mana after drinking – Crystal Water. To get this done you need to pick up a quest called Arcane Refreshment from Lorekeeper Lydros. He asks you to pick up Hydra spawn essence from the boss Hydraspawn in midway through the dungeon.


BiS items in East wing: Gloves of Restoration, Satyr’s Bow, Whipvine Cord.


Dire Maul West


West part is really tough and most of players try to avoid it. At the same time, warlocks and paladins need that wing for their epic mount quests.
As a paladin, all you need to do is just interact with blonde spectral horse which spawns after slaying the first boss.
But warlock’s event is way harder. On the final bosses chamber you need to fight with waves and waves of demons flooding you over a pretty long period of time and keeping up with them is one thing in terms of the DPS. But sustaining through that entire gauntlet is another. So make sure that your healer got a bunch of major mana potions or that fight might get better of you.


BiS items in West wing: Vigilance Charm, Mindtap Talisman, Eldritch Reinforced Legplates. Bile-etched Spaulders, Padre’s Trousers, Eyestalk Cord, Distracting Dagger, Warpwood Binding, Fel Hardened Bracers


Dire Maul North


King Gordok is the main boss in Dire Maul. You also have 3 guards on the way: Guard Mol’Dar, Slip’Kik and Fengus. Each of bosses drops an item, but if you leave them alive, it automatically adds extra item to the tribute chest. Most importantly, after killing final boss, ogres become friendly and these guards give you world buffs as soon as you talk with them.
You also get access to an ogre vendor who sells you an alcoholic beverages that increases your stamina / spirit. So, it’s just a little adition to your consumables list.


BiS items in Northwing: Bulky Iron Spaulders, Mugger’s Belt, Gallant’s Wristguards, Insightful Hood, Sublime Wristguards, Barbarous Blade, Tarnished Elven Ring, Leggings of Destruction, Brightly Glowing Stone, Harmonious Gauntlets, Ogre Forged Hauberk, Rod of the Ogre Magi, Counterattack Lodestone, Pattern: Hide of the Wild


In conclusion, if you are not level 60 yet it’s fine. It is just a 5 man dungeon and you’ll get there eventually. If you are 60 and don’t still got not enough time to farm gold, you can check our prices.


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