Rogues, hunters and warriors bis pre raid contains these 2 pieces, that is why devilsaur leather farm is essential part of WoW Classic end game. However, you need to spend ~350 gold if you want to perform best dps in raid. We will explain why devilsaur set is so expensive and how you could save your gold in your inventory.


Un’goro Crater is one of the best parts of Azeroth, where you can easily (comparing to time you need to spend) get a level or two and farm decent gold digging rich thorium veins, farming fire elementals and, of course, skinning devilsaur leather. At the same time, Un’goro soil (meaning an Item) should have red color, because this zone is a real blood bath. Both factions fight for every single devilsaur spawn, moreover, people from the same side fight for mob tagging. Every hardcore guild have to control devilsaurs, keeping prices at reasonable level. This is the point where devilsaur mafia borns.


So, what is the Devilsaur Mafia?


To figure it out, we need to get back to private servers. Well-known guld APES and other top guilds started to control over devilsaur spawns. On the last biggest private server – Light’s Hope Northdale – devilsaur mafia ran by mostly three guilds and a few selected individuals outside of these guilds and called as “Mercenaries”. These mercenaries helped to get rid of contesters in the area in exchange for time farming devilsaur leather.


  • Alliance guilds – APES , SUPREMACY (they stopped taking part of mafia due failingattempt at taking over the mafia).
  • Horde guilds – Relax Oil Is Money , Dank Budz Collective.


Best players from now taking part in APES on Gehennas EU server (Dankk Budz Collective now plays on Skeram US).


These guilds and select few “Mercenaries”, controlled the Devilsaur leather market by endlessly camping the devilsaur spawns and calling in help from Same faction or Opposite faction whenever there is contestors near by.


Most of the Mafia members were just guildies that were taking advantage of some quick gold to support their Raid/PvP costs.
However, they created a new aspect of the game and it can be fun world pvping in the Crater!


Who are they?

No life players?
-Hell yeah!
Did they have help from GM’s?
-No, Literally just a bunch of no lifers.


In conclusion most members of the mafia are just there because its a gold farming option for them.


What do you need to know to start devilsaur leather farm?


There are 6 different devilsaur spawns.


We found a very accurate map with spawns/patrolling locations.


Dino spawn at approimately the latter marking locations.
These spawns are known to the mafia as:
W = West
NW = North West
M = Middle
E = East
N = North
S = South

Like I said earlier there are 6 different devilsaur spawns. All of them have same spawn time and window time except the North-West spawns (got no idea why he is so special).


What is spawn time and window?
Spawn Time – is the maximum time it will take for the dinosaur to spawn.
Window – a time frame at the end of the spawn time but still within it that the dino can spawn.
SpawnTime – WindowTime = the Earliest the devilsaur can spawn.


So if we look at the NW Devilsaur, after it is killed it can spawn at any time after 9 minutes to a window close at 11 minutes. (11 – 2 = 9)
I offer to check video of devilsaur contest by Cadet, current member of APES.


Meanwhile, I’m not sure about current WoW Classic servers situation, but here you can see timers from private servers:


Devilsaur Location


Spawn Time

11 minutes
17 minutes
17 minutes
17 minutes
17 minutes
17 minutes

Window Time

2 minutes
4 minutes
4 minutes
4 minutes
4 minutes
4 minutes


In short, all you left to do is to tag Devilsaur.


If you come at night hours, your chances will be increased. Try to bring your friend, you will skin more leather in duo. Solo players can’t really fight with mafia members, because they spend a lot of gold in consumables and engineering staff.


Actually, that is the hardest part, because everyone in the mafia uses an auto-clicker, which allows them to outtag you. Pretty sure it is against TOS but almost impossible to detect.


Consequently , if you dealing with same faction contestors all you can do is out tag them. That is to say, if your ping to the server is bad and your ability to tag is not good, you better fight with opposite faction (or just buy our gold and don’t spend your time. Most importantly, devilsaurs don’t always drop loot, but even if it doesn’t the same faction member can’t skin your mob for 5 seconds after you have killed it.


REMEMBER! Every contester is a huge pain in the *ss for mafia members. You can easily mess with their timers so they don’t have time to be at each start of the window and steal few leather off them.


And the last advise – beware of opposite faction rogue’s saping, blinding or engineer’s rocket helm because they will just skin your devilsaur while you just watching.

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