In the Shadowlands, covenants are directly linked to one of four available zones: Night Fae, Venthyr, The Kyrian and Necrolord. As you move along the storyline, you will have a chance to join one of them, being introduced to unique Covenant abilities, movements and transmogs, etc. We have prepared for you a brief descriptive summary of each covenant at hand.

What exactly are Covenants?

In the Shadowlands, you get to enter the Afterlife, a mysterious land of different realms united together. Basically, Covenants are the four influential groups controlling and policing four game zones, to each their own. They all serve a different purpose, but ultimately, their job is to uphold the smooth workings of the Afterlife.

Being a hero, you get to decide which Covenant is most suitable for you. Based on what you choose, your storyline will change. It is analogous to factions in the Battle of Azeroth. In order to experience all four endings, you will have to change Covenants each time and grind all over again. How to do that is the topic for our next guide. Now let’s look at each Covenant individually.

When do you come across the four Covenants?

Your character will embark on an exciting journey starting at level 50. First, you will have to escape the Maw, the eternal prison. Diving deeper in the game’s storyline, you will encounter the four major zones ruled by the four corresponding Covenants, namely:

  • Bastion (Kyrian)
  • Maldraxxus (Necrolords)
  • Ardenweald (Night Fae)
  • Revendreth (Venthyr)

Playing for the first time, you will be required to go through the entire story and reach level 62 before you are even introduced to the notion of Covenants. Once you’ve completed the main storyline and all manner of quests, you will be given a chance to join in with one of the four Covenants. You choose the one you like and proceed with the story. 

After you’ve reached level 60 once, you are no longer required to go through the same motions for your subsequents plays. You can, if you want to enjoy the storyline once again, but it’s easier to just skip straight to choosing your Covenant and start developing immediately. 

Shadowlands Covenants Overview

Each of the four Covenants will give you unique abilities, rewards and quests. You can become a loyal servant of your Covenant, providing them with Anima and departed souls from dungeons and raids. Plus, there is Covenant Sanctum you can use for leveling and character modification. Choose wisely. 


Place of abode: Bastion.

Description. They are powerful beings ruled by order. They readily devote their lives to eternal service for the good of the universe. They value humility, modesty and the ability to give up all interest for the worldly pleasures. Those who are not ready to set foot on the path of eternal service are trained, cleansing their souls from the remnants of the past.

Soulbinds: Pelagos, Kleia, and Forgelite Prime Mikanikos.

Famous representatives: Uther Lightbringer. 


Place of abode: Maldraxxus

Description. Defending the afterlife from external invasions, they are not afraid of military power. Their lives are centered around military action, struggle and never-ending conflict. You need to try pretty hard to get into their ranks. They do not tolerate the weak, believing that the losers fully deserve to be defeated. You will have to go through rigorous testing to prove that you truly deserve to be part of the community.

Soulbinds: Plague Deviser Marileth, Emeni, Bonesmith Heirmir

Famous representatives: Draka, mother of Thrall

Night Fae

Place of abode: Ardenweald.

These are almighty guardians of nature, impassive regulators of death and rebirth. Night Faes rule winter and fall in the everlasting Wheel of Life. Chosen souls come here for purification, nourishment and possible rebirth. They draw their powers and strength from nature and Anima of those crossing over into the Afterlife. Heroes with palpable desire to find peace and harmony are sent here for training. They walk the path of nature, learning wisdom from the omnipresent and omnipotent powers and earn their right to reincarnation. 

Soulbinds: Niya, Dreamweaver, Korayn.

Famous representative: Cenarius.


Place of abode: Revendreth

They are immortal vampires purging the Shadowlands of the unworthy. They are attracted to souls inflicted by greed, pride, self-righteousness and rapaciousness. If it hadn’t been for them, such tainted souls would’ve been sentenced to eternal damnation in the Maw prison. Venthyrs, on the other hand, are able to sense those teeny-weeny drops of good in a person and nurture it, giving them a chance for atonement. Joining in with this Covenant, you will either be trained to become a Punisher, or rejected to proceed with other Covenants. 

Soulbinds: Nadjia the Mistblade, General Draven, Theotar the Mad Duke

Famous representatives: Kael’thas Sunstrider, former Lord of the Blood Elves.

Campaigns, Renown and Sanctum

To discover what each Covenant has to offer, you need to go through their individual campaigns. Step by step, you will be discovering all manner of abilities, peculiarities and objectives of the chosen Covenant. You will start collecting Anima and earning Renown for future leveling and upgrades. 


In essence, renown is a type of currency that is displayed on your currency tab. Each Covenants has their own kind of Renown, which cannot be traded or replaced. It is similar to Azerite power, but works a little bit differently. You can earn it by completing weekly quests and serving your Covenant, but there is a weekly limit (caps) on how much Renown you can mine. 

Earning Renown will:

  • strengthen your Soulbinds;
  • increase potential of your Sanctum;
  • raise item levels (for those acquired at World Quests);
  • add new special abilities, rewards, etc. 
  • unlock some unique recipes;
  • unlock mounts, pets and titles, pertaining to your Covenant.


Each Covenant has a unique Sanctum for its members. Here you will bring Anima to unlock quests and specific abilities. There are five distinctive features to each Sanctum. You can improve their functionality all through the game. Even though each Sanctum is offering unique features, there are some that are shared by all of them:

  • Challenges. Embark on a journey together with other players to help your Covenant face the challenges and win battles. You can strategize, develop a cohesive tactic and claim victories.
  • Transportation Networks. Within each Sanctum, there is a Covenant-specific travel network you can utilize to your advantage.
  • Anima Conductor. You can unlock special abilities and content by providing your Covenant with a certain amount of Anima. 
  • Soulbinds. On your way, you will meet three major Covenant members you can choose to bind with. By doing so, you can increase specific traits and skills that will help you vanquish anyone that dares to cross you. 

Introduction of Covenants made the game a lot more exciting. It is a full-blown community that gives players huge volumes of perks and adventurous challenges. It would be wise to take into consideration your style of play and character class before opting for one of the four Covenants. Do not pick randomly if you want to get the most of it.

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