In our previous guide, we have covered the first two zones of the Castle Nathria and learned how to kill Shriekwing, Huntsman Altimor, Hungering Destroyer, Artificer Xy’Mox, Sun King’s Salvation, and Lady Inerva Darkvein. Today we are moving further to go through the third zone with the details on The Council of Blood, Sludgefist, and Stone Legion Generals. In the end, we will disclose some specific mechanics of taking on Sire Denathrius, our most powerful encounter in the raid.

Third wing

The Council of Blood

The main difficulty of this task is that you have to fight three bosses at the same time. Each of them has a separate health bar, and after the death of one of the council representatives, the rest restore health indicators to 100%. But that is not all. When the boss’s health reaches 50%, all participants are forced to dance (“Danse Macabre” cast), otherwise they will face lethal consequences.

General tips:

  • Kill one boss at a time in the following order: Baroness Frieda, Castellan Niklaus, Lord Stavros.
  • As you see a boss’s health approaching the 50% mark, get ready to take your position immediately and start moving along just in time. 
  • Fight all bosses within the boundaries of the dance floor to cut damages from “Party Foul”.

Baroness Frieda

  • “Bolf of Power” cast needs to be stopped in its ways immediates. 
  • Any residues from “Lingering Power” need to be destroyed right after.
  • After two instances of “Drain Essence”, tanks should start taunting off. 
  • Do not gather into a tight group, but rather spread around to dodge damages from “Anima Fountain”.

Castellan Niklaus

  • Tackle this boss when Baroness Frieda is finished.
  • Watch out for “Tactical Advance” – it stupefies all players on its way.
  • DPS should try to destroy the “Unyielding shield”, while other players are focused on keeping him away from it.
  • At the moment of death, Nilkaus is burst in “Unstoppable Charge”, which causes massive damage to his target, therefore, you need to immediately stack it to survive.

Lord Stavros

  • Tanks, make sure the boss stays away from other players and doesn’t hit them with “Evasive Lunge”. Damage is epic.
  • Lord Stavrov will occasionally summon Venthir dansers (“Waltz of Blood” cast). Watch out for those, do not touch and come close. 
  • Once two other bosses are dead, get to destroying the “Dancing Fools” to clear the way from the “Waltz of Blood” so they are not bothering you.


To kill this boss, you need to think as a group and do it fast. The main challenge is to defeat Sludgefist before he manages to break the four pillars in the room and cast “Hateful Gaze”. On top of that, you need to watch out for his “Chain Link”, which entangles players together and will most likely murder them if broken. 

  • When tied up by “Chain Link”, do not move further than 15 yards from your link partner.
  • Hit by “Giant Fists”, tanks are to stay close to each other to share the damage. 
  • Once “Hateful Gaze” is fixed upon you, make the boss follow you and bump into one of the pillars. Other players should not be in the way. 
  • Sludgefist is stunned for some time after hitting a pillar. Use this time for DPS cool down alignments.
  • Do not let Sludgefist cast “Destructive Stomp” next to a pillar. Position him away at 20+ yards. 
  • Ranger players should stand in low traffic areas and bait “Falling Rubble” cast. 
  • Dodge getting into “Stonequake” zones – massive damage is inflicted. 
  • Once Sludgefist’s health is low, he will start scaling up “Gruesome rage”. Try to vanquish him before it’s in full-blown mode.

Stone Legion Generals

This fight has three phases. During the first one, you will close in with General Kaal while Grashaal is charging at you from a distance. During the second phase, bosses swap positions, but General Kaal is flying around, ready to strike you. The third phase is fighting both bosses at the same time. 

  • To get rid of bleeds, use “Crystalline burst” (just stand in the area). 
  • Once afflicted by “Pulverizing Meteor”, players need to huddle to split the damage. 
  • Hit by the “Wicked Blade” cast, stay away from other players to the side of the boss. 
  • Destroy “Stone Legion Goliath” add once it gets to casting “Soultaint Effigy”. 
  • Once the boss enters his “Hardened Stone Form”, do away with any adds and apply “Anima Orbs” before they fuel Prince Renathal’s mana. 
  • Once mana is full, stay close to Prince Renathal to dodge his “Shattering Blast” cast. 
  • Try to finish both bosses off simultaneously to prevent their “Soldier’s Oath” cast.

Sire Denathrius

The last, but not the least boss of the Castle Nathria. This one is so difficult to kill that people sometimes run the raid for the sole purpose of murdering him. The encounter is split into three phases with a new location for each one. To win, you need to be well-coordinated as a group and have tactics of battle devised and discussed long before the encounter.

First phase: 100-70% Health

  • Sire Denathrius will randomly mark players with “Feeding Time”. It causes damage to other players around the marked one, so stay away.
  • Do not approach the “Ravage” cone and avoid standing in the “Desolation” area it leaves behind.
  • All players need to split into two groups/teams, taking it in turns to handle the “Cleansing Pain” cast.
  • “Eco of Sin” is a powerful add, deal with it ASAP.
  • Try to reduce “Burden of Sin” stacks to a maximum of 3.
  • To play through “March of the Penitent”, you need to be in the middle of the room. Otherwise, death is highly likely.

Second phase: 70-40% health

  • Your first priority is “Crimson Cabalist” add. Destroy it ASAP.
  • “Wracking Pain” should be placed in such a way so that it strikes the adds, not the raid.
  • Once Sire Denathrius casts “Remornia”, you need to position it next to him and try to cut the damages.
  • For “Hand of Destruction”, Sire Denathrius needs to be in front of the mirror. Escape through the mirror as soon as he starts to cast.
  • Once Sire Denathrius trained his sword on you for “Impale”, stay away from other players as the weapon will change direction lunging at you.
  • Avoid the “Massacre” lines – massive damage.

Third phase: 40-0%. 

  • If there’s still any “Crimson Cabalist” adds – do away with them immediately.
  • Spread around the middle of the encounter zone to dodge the “Indignation” cast.
  • Make sure the boss stands around the edges at all times, so that players are pushed back in the middle when “Shattering Pain” strikes.
  • “Fatal Finesse” target needs to stay away from other players to avoid shared damage.
  • Evade “Massacre” swords by staying away from sword lines.
  • Finish the boss before “Ravage” is applied for the third time.


We have covered all 10 bosses of the raid. Our team of boosters have given you quick tips on how to deal with each one of them. Even though following these tips is useful, there is no unique way to approach the raid, or explain all the intricacies of it in a number of guides. Get to playing and see what happens, and remember – practice makes perfect.

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