Castle Nathria is the first raid in WoW Shadowlands. The Castle is styled after the famous Dracula’s Residency and has a distinctive gothic vibe to it. As you move along the gloomy passages, you will encounter 10 bosses you need to kill with the strongest one, Sire Denathrius, saved for desert.

The raid can be done in four difficulty levels: normal, heroic and mythic and the simplest “Looking for Raid” option. If completed successfully, you will obtain valuable loot for your character. For your convenience, we have split this raid into four zones (three bosses each + Sire Denathrius) based on the order of encounter. Today we will have a look at how to do away with bosses coming at you at the first two zones.

First wing


Shriekwing will meet you right at the entry to the castle. Her main weapon is her thunderous cries. Be ready for a two-phase fight. First, you need to apply group tactics. Then, your task is to dodge sonic circles at all cost. 

Phase one tips:

  • Take refuge behind one pillar together with other players every time Shriekwing is about to use her “Bloodcurdling shriek”. This will prevent damage.
  • To hide from her “Echolocation”, spread out along the edge of the room.
  • Make sure tanks are mitigating the “Exsanguinating Bite” each time. 
  • Engage healers to recover the group from the “Reverberating Scream”.
  • Bait “Echoing screech” and quickly maneuver out of its reach. 

Phase two tips:

  • Try to stay no closer than 13+ yards to the boss.
  • Ming the ricocheting sonic circles bouncing off the walls. 
  • Hide behind a pillar, but make sure there is a straight sight line between you and the boss whenever she’s using her “Sonar Shriek”.

Huntsman Altimor

Your next target is Huntsman Altimor. This encounter has a single phase. The strategy is pretty straightforward: kill the minions then deal with the boss. If you follow through with our tips, winning shouldn’t be a problem:

  • Do not play as a tight group, rather spread in a spacy fashion to avoid being hit by “Spreadshot”.
  • Do not place more than one player on the path of “Sinseeke” cast. The damage might be fatal.
  • Pets and the boss share damage, therefore, concentrate on causing as much of it to all of them as possible.
  • Dealing with Margore (pet), tanks should try to ward off his “Jagged Claws” attacks. 
  • Choose one player to face Margore’s “Vicious Lunge”.
  • Target Bargast (another pet) from a good distance and don’t forget to heal after “Rip Soul” is applied.
  • Try to destroy Hecuit’s “Crushing Stone” stack while staying away from once hit by his “Petrifying Howl”. 

Hungering Destroyer

Facing Hungering Destroyer is a single-phase battle which requires well-coordinated cooperation among all participating players. The tick is to split into several groups and avoid getting affected by the “Gluttonous Miasma” which makes your character immune to all kinds of healing. 

  • Taking it in turns, tanks should focus on distracting the boss following the “Overwhelm” to reset his “Growing Hunger” stacks.
  • The unfortunate ones who got under the “Gluttonous Miasm” can no longer be healed, yet other players can protect them, and they can hide when the boss lashes at them.
  • Healers’ main focus is watching out for when the boss casts “Desolate” and “Consume”, and getting to healing without delays.
  • Try to spread as much away from each other as possible not to get a trigger reacting from “Expunge” and “Volatility Ejection”.

Second wing

Defeating the next set of bosses is going to be a bit more tricky. In this stage, it is impossible to win without well-thought tactics and smooth player-to-player communication. The loot you might acquire is worth the candles.

Artificer Xy’Mox

There are essentially three phases you will need to go through to defeat this beast. Artificer Xy’Mox is using the same set of abilities all through the stages, yet there are some loopholes and traps you might fall into. To avoid the boss’s deadly lunges, you will have two place two teleportation wormholes to be able to quickly jump from one side to the other dodging the attacks.

  • Those marked by “Dimensional Tear” will need to strategically place two wormholes at either side of the room. 
  • You need to stay vigilant and pick the right moment to jump through the wormhole, just in time to avoid deadly attacks.
  • Tanks should distract the boss and make him hit them with “Glyph of Destruction”, escaping through the wormhole in the nick of time.
  • Make sure to stay away from wormholes during the “Rift Blast”.
  • “Hyperlight Spark” is going to affect all of the players, thus, healers need to act fast.

Sun King’s Salvation

Sun King’s Salvation was murdered in the course of the Burning Crusade. His soul was then sentenced to atone for sins in Revendreth, Shadowlands, but was intercepted by Sire Denathrius to become part of his scheme to steal the world’s Anima to fuel the Maw and shift the balance of powers. Your task is to save his soul and restore it to full health by protecting and helping Sun King’s Salvation escape his incarceration. The action will take place in two phases.

Use the following tips for the first phase:

  • During the first stage, try to heal Sun King’s Salvation as much as possible, but watch out for mana run-out.
  • If you’ve run out of mana to heal, players may resort to “Soul Pedestal” to donate some of their character’s health to Sun King’s Salvation.
  • Deal with “Rockbound Vanquisher” right after it appears and don’t let him cast too many of the “Consecutive Smash”.
  • Finish “Breakwing Assasin” before you catch the “Return to stone”, and get away from other players if you get blown by his “Crimson Flurry” cast.
  • To best “Vile Occulist”, heal Sun King’s Salvation right after he’s afflicted by the “Essence Font”.
  • It’s important to stay away from the “Pestering Fiend” as he might explode and hit a vast expanse around him.
  • Do not let “Soul Infuser” get to Sun King’s Salvation. Taunt them off while healers are getting ahold of the “Infuser’s Orb” that will kill the creature.

These tips will help you with the second phase:

  • Bear in mind that you no longer can heal Sun King’s Salvation at his stage.
  • Keep the “Reborn Phoenix” at bay, away from Shade of Kael’thas.
  • Do away with the adds produced by the “Reborn Phoenix”.
  • When one of the players is afflicted by the “Ember Blast”, be sure to soak him, otherwise, he gets eliminated by this powerful cast.
  • Once the Shade of Kael’thas is at half his regular health (50%), kill him once again and you’re done.

Lady Inerva Darkvein

This boss is a particularly tough pill to swallow. Lady Inerva Darkvein is feeding on Anima and is able to turn its powers against you. Even though there is only one phase, you need to be careful, as her abilities are going to gradually change throughout the course of action as the Anima containers fill up. Your main objective is to empty them and not let it overspill.

  • Players need to empty the anima reservoirs before and after “Focus Anima” is applied.
  • Anima containers are activated at 33% and 66% of fullness. You need to make sure it doesn’t get there, or you deal with consequences.

“Expose desires” cast

  • Taunt off whenever you’re afflicted by “Warped Desires”.
  • Make sure Healers do their job of spot-curing before “Shared Cognition” is set.
  • Players marked with “Warped Desires” should get away from the group as it expires – it might blow off (“Change of Heart”).

“Bottled Anima” cast

  • When Lady Inerva is throwing her “Bottled Anima” (33%), make sure to catch it by soaking its destination. 
  • Once the “Bottled Anima” is caught, stay away from lingering anima pools – they are damaging.
  • It might be thrown a second time at 66%. You need to catch it again.

“Sins and Suffering” cast

  • Once under the “Shared Suffering” cast, you need to simultaneously cut through the three orbs and their beams.
  • “Anima Web” beams cause damage, stay away from them. Watch out: they are rotating. 

“Concentrated Anima” cast

  • Once you’re hit with the “Concentrated Anima”, you are glued to the spot and can’t move.
  • Other players need to move the boss toward you and kill all the spawns that appear, while dodging the “Fragments of Shadow” that the marked player is throwing around. 

As you might have already noticed, The Castle Nathria Raid is not that simple to do away with. We will continue to dive into the intricacies of dealing each both in the second part of this guide. Meanwhile, we want to remind you, that our team of professional boosters can offer you a helping hand in any Shadowlands endeavour. If you don’t want to waste your time on tedious raids – order boosting services and you’re good to go.

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